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The Universe is not too large for man,
it does not exceed science's possibilities nor the ability of the human mind
Georges Lemaître, Founding Father of the Theory of the Big Bang
Professor at the Faculty of Sciences

As an integral part of our human heritage the contribution of scientific culture is widely recognized. Far from the clichés of promethean ambition, the human being has always been drawn to decipher and interpret the Book of the Universe offered to his/her intelligence capable of honoring a calling to a scientific vocation. By sharing knowledge whilst remaining open to the multiplicity of methodological approaches, a very real dialogue among professionals of various disciplines offers students an experience in the school of humanity. Only through team spirit and responsible cooperation can the major societal and environmental challenges be addressed.

The Faculty of Science is proud to recognize the surprising diversity of disciplines and the polyvalent capacity of both women and men to engage in highly mobile trajectories of interest. Each of the Faculty’s various disciplines offers a specific domain of specialization as well as the possibility of opting for competence on the innovative frontiers of the various Schools. Seven Schools each dispense a solid formation. The School of Biology, with both animal as well as vegetal biology, also harbors expertise in biochemistry and environmental ecology. The School of Chemistry, with both organic as well as inorganic chemistry, integrates structures at the frontiers of biology, chemistry and medicine. The School of Geography, with both human and physical geography, incorporates today’s best expertise in climatology. The School of Mathematics and the School of Physics offer expertise at the frontiers of both fundamental and applied research, reflecting on the infinitely small and the infinitely large. The School of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences offers concrete professional orientations as does the School of Veterinary Medicine.
Furthermore, the College of Science and Technology includes Research Institutes. Beingopen onto the world and society at large, both aspects of teaching and research are progressively interwoven into the student’s curriculum, and offer the best interdisciplinary formation within a convivial human-scale environment.

Jan Govaerts
Former Dean of the Faculty of science

Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela