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Benoit Crucifix (aspirant FNRS),
Drawing from the Archive: Comics Memory and the Contemporary Graphic Novel

This thesis focuses on comics memory in the twenty-first-century North-American graphic novel. It argues that the archive has become a major site of concern for contemporary cartoonists, who are constantly engaged in redrawing past comics into the present, effectively acting as diplomats of comics memory for their readers and for commercial and cultural institutions. They handle past comics in a variety of practical ways—exhibitions, designed reprints, anthologies, essays, prefaces, pastiches, quotations, and appropriations—that express and materialize knowledge about the medium and its history. In describing these various acts of memory, I suggest that cartoonist-historians explore the liminal space that separate making and archiving, exploring the stakes that engage us in our relationship to the past and memory of comics.

Besa Hashani (Assistante)
His Fiction in the World, the World in his Fiction

Study of the Circulation and Reception of Ismail Kadare’s Fiction in the Anglophone Literary Landscape"
The aim of this research project is to shed light on the configurations between world literature and its reception at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century in the light of the particular case of Ismail Kadare’s boom in the Anglophone literary landscape. The first objective of this project is to analyse the internal “transtextual” configuration of Kadare’s works received in the Anglophone context (Genette). The second objective is to analyse the modalities of reception of these works in this cultural semiosphere. What sense is made of the ‘transtextual’ content of Kadare’s oeuvre by the concerned readership? The third objective is to contribute to the ongoing discussion about the aesthetics of contemporary world literature and its reception in the Anglophone literary landscape. 


Responsable :   Véronique Bragard (professeur UCL)
Chercheurs doctoraux:   Benoît Crucifix, doctorant UCL
    Besa Hashani, Assistante