Abstract submission 2023 edition

Submission Guidelines 

The following categories are welcome:  

  • Presentations describing your research or the specific methods you use  
  • Posters describing your research and innovations within the institute.  

Please note that newcomers to the institute and more recent research will be considered first for posters. However, submission is open to all reasearchers of the institute.

List of oral sessions

There will be two different session types. : 

  • Individual sessions: The WHAT and HOW of your research 

For these sessions we will select abstracts presenting specific research projects, their methods and/or their empirical findings (preliminary or final).  

You may choose to focus on your methodology rather than results, with an emphasis on transferability providing a basis for wider discussion. These sessions will also allow beginning PhD researchers to present their thesis project.

These sessions will be allocated a 15' slot (10' presentation + 5' Q&A).

  • Research group sessions: The WITH WHOM of your research 

The objective of these sessions is for research groups or labs to present the broad themes that they address (illustrated by project examples), OR to present large projects implemented by a team of researchers. We strongly encourage joint presentations for these sessions (i.e. by several presenters).  

These sessions will be allocated a 20' slot (15' presentation + 5' Q&A).


Journals and conferences are increasingly requesting to add a visual or graphical abstract. This helps to quickly visualize a summary of your presentation. Therefore, we warmly encourage you to write a graphical abstract of your presentation (for oral presentations only). This is not compulsory, but a special prize will be dedicated to the best graphical abstract! (more on graphical abstracts: https://www.elsevier.com/authors/tools-and-resources/visual-abstract)


As the aim of the conference is to provide an overview of research themes and projects carried out within ELI, please try to adapt your presentation(s) to the audience, i.e. not all specialists in your field.

We will accept a maximum of 2 submissions per person (for a poster and a talk, or talks in different sessions). However, we will only select a maximum of one individual and one group submission per person.


The ELI-Day 2023 will be held on Croix du SUD, with the talks taking place in the SUD01 Auditorium.



All questions about submissions should be emailed to aceli@uclouvain.be


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