Plant reproduction & Populations


Heathlands (L. Moquet)

Wild plant reproductive system.

Heatlands (T. Albert)

Clonality in Vaccinium myrtillus estimated by AFLP markers

Alien species in Belgium (M. Pairon)

Dispersal capacity estimation by microsatellites and paternity analysis for the alien Prunus serotina

Survival of rare species (L. Somme)

Gene flow estimation in remnant populations of Comarum palustre (paternity analysis with microsatellites

Bog and heathland conservation (L. Moquet)

Records of bumble bee buzzing flowers of Vaccinium vitis-idaea to estimate pollinator efficiency

Improvement of pear production (M. Quinet)

Parthenocarpy induction by spraying plant hormones is a common practice in pear tree ‘Conférence’ orchards. However, flower pollination and fertilization increased ‘Conférence’ fruit size but pear flowers are not attractive to insects. In order to improve pear production, our project aims to better highlight the pear tree reproduction and focuses on the pollination and parthenocarpy processes in the’ Conférence’ cultivar.

Collaborations: Centre fruitier wallon (CEF), Proefcentrum fruitteelt vzw. (pcfruit).

Financial resources: Service Public de Wallonie (subventions DGO3)

Pollen germination and pollen tube growth (fluorescence microscopy) for testing self-compatibility

Decline of pollinators (L. Somme)

Sterol composition (Gas Chromatography) to compare pollen nutritional qualities

Alien impact (A. Vervoort)

Spectral reflectance of flowers (UV) to estimate insect attractiveness

Survival of rare species (L. Somme)

Comarum palustre individuals in growth chambers