ACELI Members feedback on the last ELI Day

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ACELI Members feedback on the last ELI Day

Congratulations to François GASPARD, ELI-e Member...  and to all winners!


Last week we shared with you the first ELI-Day of the Institute, and despite the health circumstances, it was a great success! We owe this success to a large number of people. We would like to thank once again the president Professor Claude Bragard as well as all the chairmen and chairwomen.

You were all waiting for it, here are the results of the ELI-Day winners!


Public Selection for Oral Presentations:

Wednesday, May 26: François Gaspard with his presentation on “Waters in hydrothermal and polar environments: further developments for silicon isotope measurements” ;

Thursday, May 27: Laura Enthoven with her presentation on “Contracts and certification in local value chains: Safe vegetables in Vietnam” ;

Friday, May 28: Raphaël Rousseau with his presentation on “Heterogeneity in tick abundance and tick-borne pathogens in a Belgian peri-urban forest”.

Public Selection for Posters:

Thursday, May 27 : Lena Jeannerod with her poster on “The impacts of the quality and the quantity of floral resources on the pollinator’s health” ;

Friday, May 28 : Valentin Couvreur with his poster on “The plant water pump: Did vascular plants miss thermodynamics classes at school?”.


We invite all winners to contact the ACELI to collect their gift certificate from Altérez-vous. You have the choice of picking up your gift certificate at the Mendel building, or requesting an electronic version. Thanks again to the institute office for making the funding of these awards possible.

Also attached are the attendance certificates for the three mornings. To facilitate the work of the doctoral committee, we invite you to highlight your name. If your name does not appear on the list, it is because you did not complete the google form at the end of the session. The ACELI cannot create a personal certificate for you.

Finally, you will find attached the minutes (not approved) of the last ACELI meeting.


The ACELI Team

Published on June 03, 2021