Team Mycology (Pr Stephan Declerck)


The laboratory of mycology of the Université catholique de Louvain (Earth and Life Institute – Pole of applied microbiology) is a biological resource center dedicated to fungi. Currently, a multidisciplinary team of about 35 scientists, technicians and administrative personnel is working with Prof. Stephan Declerck in the field of fungal diversity, ecology, agronomy and physiology.

The research topics are diverse and anchored in agronomy, agro-food and environmental mycology. Special interest is dedicated to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (CESAMM), lignocellulolytic fungi, fungi involved in food processing, yeasts and fungal pathogens. The biological material, about 30 000 strains representing more than 1 200 genera and 4 000 species, is maintained within the BCCM/MUCL collection.