List of signatures collected in Belgium until April 2019


List of signatures collected in Belgium until April 24th, 2019

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, UCLouvain, Professor in Climatology, former vice-Chair IPCC
Caroline Nieberding, UCLouvain, Professor in Ecology and Evolution
Christophe Desmet, ULiège, Welbio & FRS-FNRS Permanent Investigator in Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Olivier De Schutter, UCLouvain, Professor in Law, Co-Chair, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food), Member of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Legal Sciences (JUR-I)
Marthe Nyssens, UCLouvain, Professor in Economics School of Louvain, FOPES, CIRTES, IRES
Charles-Hubert Born, UCLouvain, Professor and lawyer in Environmental Law and Urbanism
Caroline Vincke, UCLouvain, Professor in Forest Ecology
Pierre Defourny, UCLouvain, Professor of geomatics and land use planning
Sara Vicca, UAntwerpen, Researcher in Biology
Josefine Vanhille, UAntwerpen, Researcher in Social Policy
Valérie Duliere, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, researcher in Oceanography and Climatology
Roy Remmen, UAntwerpen, Chair of the Department or Primary and Interdisciplinary Care in Medecine
Isabelle Cassiers, UCLouvain, Emeritus professor in Economics
Martin Vastrade, UNamur, PhD student in Biology
Pieter DeFrenne, UGent, Professor in Bioscience Engineering at the Department of Environment
Luc Henrard, UNamur, Professor in Physics of materials
Ronny Schallier, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Researcher in marine biology and oceanography
Gian-Marco Rignanese, UCLouvain, Professor in materials science
Tessa Debruin, UCLouvain, PhD student in aquatic ecology
Jan Nyssen, UGent, Professor of Physical Geography
Gry Ulstein, UGent, PhD student in comparative literature
Gwennael Bataille, UCLouvain, PhD student in Ecology
Lieven Bervoets, UAntwerpen, Professor in Biology, Physiology and Ecotoxicology
Xavier Pouria, EcoRes, Consultant in sustainable development
Christine Bingen, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Researcher in physics in atmospheric research
Wim Thierry, VUB, Professor in climate science and land management
Thomas Merckx, UCLouvain, researcher in Ecology and Biodiversity
Tristan Gilet, ULiège, Assistant Professor in engineering
Qianqian Su, UCLouvain, PhD student in paleoclimate research
Lenka Zychova, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, researcher in astrophysics
Chloe Salembier, UCLouvain, Professor in Architecture and Urbanism
Kristof Van Assche, UAntwerpen, Professor of Philosophy of Law
Michael Singleton, UCLouvain, Emeritus Professor in Socio-Anthropology
Xavier Fettweis, ULiège, Researcher in climatology
Sophie Vanwambeke, UCLouvain, Professor in Geography
Xavier Desmit, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Researcher in oceanography and marine ecosystems
Muriel Vervaeke, Agency for nature and forests, Expert in wildlife disease management
Coline Ruwet, ICHEC Brussels Management School, Assistant Professor in Sociology and Ethics
Gauthier Chapelle, In-Terre-dependant researcher and author, Expert in agricultural engineering, ecology and biomimicry
Emile Frison, International panel of experts on sustainable food systems (IPES-Food), Expert in agricultural sciences
David Docquier, UCLouvain, Researcher in Climatology
Denis Dochain, UCLouvain, Professor in Engineering, system theory and automatic control
Marie-Christine Dewolf, AIGx, Health and Environmental alliance (HEAL), UFPMTC, Project manager and consultancy in agricultural engineering, health and environment
Rozemien De Troch, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, researcher in climate modelling and impact of climate change
Frederik Delaender, UNamur, Professor in Ecology
Charlotte Cornil, ULiège, Professor/researcher in Neuroendocrinology
Genevieve Lacroix, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Researcher in ecosystem modelling and oceanography
Anne De Rudder, Royal Belgian Institute for space aeronomy, Researcher in Earth atmosphere
Véronique Servais, ULiège, Professor in Anthropology of nature and animals
Christine Frison, UCLouvain, Postdoctoral researcher in International Environmental Law - Biodiversity & Agrobiodiversity Law
Felix Scholtes, ULiège, MD and PhD in Neurosurgery & Neuroanatomy
Guido Gryseels, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Director General
Ellen Decaestecker, KULeuven, Full professor in Aquatic Biology
Philippe Marbaix, UCLouvain, Researcher in climatology
Pierre-Joseph Laurent, UCLouvain, Professeur et Co-responsable du Laboratoire d’anthropologie prospective (LAAP)
Olivier Servais, UCLouvain, Professor of Anthropology
Luc Janssens de Bisthoven,Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences,Coordinator of the CEBioS programme
Matthias Petel, UCLouvain, Researcher in Human Rights and Environment
Pascale Vielle, UCLouvain, Professor of Law (social protection and gender)
Christophe De Vleeschouwer, UCLouvain, Professor of Computer vision
Emmanuel Debruyne, UCLouvain, Professor in Philosophy
Florence Degavre, UCLouvain, Professor in Economical sciences
Nicolas Schtickzelle, UCLouvain, Professor of Conservation Biology
Valérie SWAEN, UCLouvain, Full professor of Management & Corporate Social Responsibility
Françoise Bartiaux, UCLouvain, Professor of Environmental Sociology
Charles Amory, University of Liège, Postdoc FRS-FNRS in Climate in polar regions
Françoise Van Haeperen, UCLouvain, Professor in Philosophy
Emmanuel MOSSAY, Louvain School of Management, Guest Lecturer in Regenerative Economy
François-Xavier Standaerd, UCLouvain, Professor in Cryptography
Hélène Carmon, UCLouvain, PhD student in Anthropology
Yves de Rongé, UCLouvain, Professor of Management Control and Regenerative Economics
Grégoire Wallenborn, ULB, Professor of Energy and sustainability
Jonathan Peuch, UCLouvain, PhD Student in Food policy
Julien Vastenaekels, UlB, PhD student in Ecological economics
Gilles LecuppreUCLouvain, Professor of History of the Late Middle Ages and Modern Times
Marc Zune, UCLouvain, Professor of Sociology
Louis de Wergifosse, UCLouvain, PhD in climate and forest interactions
Chaïm De Mulder, UGent, PhD in wastewater treatment
Sixtine van Outryve, UCLouvain, PhD student in Law
Pablo Lhoas, ULB, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture
Barabara De Cock, UCLouvain, Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Jenna Vergeynst, UGent, PhD student in Bio-engineering fish migration
Jan ORBIE, UGent, Associate Professor Dept of Political Science I Director Centre for EU Studies (CEUS) Faculty Trust Person, Political and Social Sciences
Véronique Bragard, UCLouvain, Professor in Philosophy
Jorn Van de Velde, UGent, PhD student in Hydrology
Cathy MACHARIS, VUB, Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School- Head of Department BUTO - Business Technology and Operations-Head of Research group MOBI - Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre
Leen De Pauw, UGent, Department of Environment – Forest Research
Charline Urbain, UlB, Professor of Developmental cognitive neurosciences
Michiel Verlinden, UGent, Researcher in Biomedical law, intellectual property and protection of personal data
Kristien Hens, UAntwerpen, Research professor in Bioethics
Bartłomiej Bednarowicz, UAntwerpen, PhD Researcher & TA in EU Law
Jaume Alonso, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Mathematics
Bernard Hubeau, UAntwerpen, Emeritus Professor - Voorzitter Grootouders voor het Klimaat
Marcos Fernández-Martínez, UAntwerpen, FWO Posdoctoral researcher in Ecology
Piet Bladt, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Image processing and parameter estimation in magnetic resonance imaging
Simon Reynaert, UAntwerpen, PLECO centre of excellence, PhD student in Conservation biology, plant ecology
Jonas Nicolai, UAntwerpen, PhD student in media, journalism, satire
Kevin Van Sundertm, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Biology
Arne Ven, UAntwerpen, PhD student in soil ecology
Ludo Diels, IMDO- UA & VITO, Professor in Sustainable Chemistry, Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Pierre Van Damme, UAntwerpen, Director Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination - Director WHO coll centre for the prevention and control of infectious diseases
Geneviève Warland, UCLouvain, Professor in Philosophy
Jelle Boeve-de Pauw, UAntwerpen, Postdoc in Education for Sustainable Development
Jana De Kockere, UGent, PhD in Philosophy
Laurens Van Hoecke, UAntwerpen, PhD student in renewable fuels for maritime shipping
Joke Van den Berge, UAntwerpen, Postdoc in Plants and Ecosystems in global change conditions
Willem Bruyndonx, UAntwerpen, Administrative Staff International Relations Office
Ivan Janssens, UAntwerpen, Professor in ecosystem function in relation to global change
Patrick Allmis, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Network theory and theoretical microeconomics
Johannes A. Nissen, UAntwerpen, PhD student in urban planning law, environmental law & real estate
Cathrin Schödler, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Behavioral Economics.
Bart Eeckhout, UAntwerpen, Professor of Literature & Chair of ARIA
Janne Spanoghe, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Bio-engineering
Mohammadamin Javaheri, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Management and Organization
Michel Moutschen, ULiège, Professeur Ordinaire en Immunologie immunopathologie et maladies infectieuses
Nicole van Lipzig, KULeuven, Professor in Climate research
Marc David, Universiteit Antwerpen, em. prof. astrophysics data analysis and modeling
Jean-Christophe Charlier, UCLouvain, Professor of Physics Nanosciences
Oscar Brousse, KULeuven, PhD student in Regional and Urban Climate research
Sanne Van Den Berge, UGent, PhD student in Agroecology
Jean-Pierre Raskin, UCLouvain, Professor in nanoelectronics
Bert Gielen, UAntwerpen, Post-doc in Plant ecology
Steffi Cornwell, UAntwerpen, Assistant Pharmacy/Sustainable growing of cut-flowers
Fana Michislens, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Biology – ICOS
Corentin Hericher, UCLouvain, Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations – Louvain School of Management, PhD student in Corporate Social Responsibility
Marilyn Roland, UAntwerpen, Post-doc in Greenhouse gases
Odile Bartholomé, ULiège, PhD student en Neurosciences
Alain Content, UlB, Professor in Psychology / Education
Fabienne Chetail, UlB, Professor in Psychology / Education
Frank van Splunder, UAntwerpen, Lecturer in Linguistics
Benoit Galand, UCLouvain, Professor in Educational psychology
Ina Aust, UCLouvain & Louvain School of Management, Professor in Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
Didier Cataldo, ULiège, Professor in Pneumology
Virginie Xhauflair, HEC Liège - ULiège, Professor in Business ethics
Matthieu Verstraete, ULiège, Professor in Physics of materials
Hans Vernaeve, UGent, Professor in Mathematics
Anna Willems, UAntwerpen, Researcher in Social work and measurement - social policy
Valentin Couvreur, UCLouvain, Postdoc in Agronomy
Noa Ligot, UCLouvain, PhD in volcanic risk to agriculture assessment
Guillaume Lobet, UCLouvain, Professeur in Plant Biology
Estelle Laurent, UCLouvain, PhD student in Ecology and conservation biology
Esrasmus zu Ermgassen, UCLouvain, Postdoc in Sustainable agriculture
Céline Lamarche, UCLouvain, Researcher in Remote sensing
Daniele Da Re, UCLouvain, PhD student in Ecology
Daniel Tyteca, UCLouvain, Professor emeritus in Orchid Research
Philippe Peigneux, ULB, Professor in neuropsychology and cognitive neurosciences
Eva Van Wassenhove, UAntwerpen, Project manager Knappe K(n)oppen (citizen science project about climate change)
Lotte Oosterlee, UAntwerpen, PhD student in Biology
Ela Callorda Fossati, UCLouvain, Postdoc in Economics
Ann Crabbé, UAntwerpen, Guest professor and post-doc researcher in governance of sustainability issues
Yvan Larondelle, UCLouvain, Professor in Sustainable nutrition and health
Carla Uwents, UAntwerpen, Sustainability coordinator
Karolien Janssens, UAntwerpen, Academic Assistant & General physician and teacher general medicine
Brigitte Ferauge, UCLouvain, Secrétaire
Ivan Nijs, UAntwerpen, Professor of ecology
Thierry Hance, UCLouvain, Professor in Ecology
Béranger Waterschoot, UCLouvain, Teaching Assistant in Evolutionary Ecology
Tim Soens, UAntwerpen, Professor in Environmental History
Annick Wilmotte, ULiège, FRS-FNRS Research Associate in molecular diversity
Pierre Delmelle, UCLouvain, Professor in Environmental geochemistry
Bruno Delille, ULiège, Researcher in ocean biogeochemistry
Julie Hermesse, UCLouvain, Researcher in socio-anthopology
Herbert De Vriese, UAntwerpen, Professor in philosophy
Marnik Vanclooster, UCLouvain, Professor in Hydrology
An Cliquet,Gent, Professor in Environmental and biodiversity law
Valérie Quittre, ULiège, Researcher in Education
Senne Van Loon, UAntwerpen, PhD Student in Physics
Paul De Meulenaere, UAntwerpen, Professor in Applied Engineering
Mathieu Depoorter, EcoRes, PhD - Consultant in sustainable development
Lore Verryckt, UAntwerpen, PhD student in leaf photosynthesis
Beatrice Scholtes, ULiège, Post-doc in Public health
Maxime Lambrecht, UCLouvain, Chargé de cours invité et à l'ERG et chercheur en droit d'Internet à la Chaire Hoover
Sophie Bontemps, UCLouvain, Researcher in remote sensing
Pierre Leprince, ULiège, Researcher in Neurology
Olivier Gourgue, UAntwerpen, Postdoc in Coastal hydro- and bio-geomorphodynamics
Philippe Roman, ICHEC Brussels Management School and UCLouvain, Associate Professor in Ecological Economics.
Géraldine Thiry, ICHEC Brussels Management School and UCLouvain, Associate Professor in Post-growth and ecological economics
Jonas Van der Slycken, UGent, PhD student in Ecological Economics
María Fernanda Godoy León, UGent, PhD student in Chemical engineering, sustainability
Karine Charry, UCLouvain, Professor in Social Marketing
An Op de Beeck, UAntwerpen, main coordinator in “komida studenten restaurants”
Paul Einhäupl, UAntwerpen and KU Leuven, Researcher in Environmental Economics and Material Sciences
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, UCLouvain, researcher in mathematics
Karen Vancampenhout, KULeuven, Professor of Soil Science
Bart Nyssen, KULeuven, PhD student in Forest ecology
Frank Witlox, UGent, enior full Professor of Economic Geography
Luc Zwartjes, UGent, researcher and teaching assistant in Geography education & initial geography teacher training
Mihnea Tanasescu, VUB, FWO Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Ecology
Nina Vanhaeren, UGent, Phd student in Geography
Kris Bachus, KULeuven, Postdoctoral researcher in Environmental economics
Hanne Hendrickx, UGent, PhD student in geomorphology and permafrost
Bernd Mees, UGent, PhD student in Analytical chemistry
Pascal Boeckx, UGent, Professor in Isotope Biogeochemistry