Inauguration Batiment de Serres


May 18, 2022


Sud 08

Research and training supporting food security and preserving planetary ressources for all: Some visionary talks in uncertain times” 

Moderator: Prof. E. Hanert (Earth and Life Institute, Environmental Sciences, UCLouvain)

14h00-14h40: Fostering active and deep learning of biosciences engineers and environmental scientists in a digital environment: What will stick from the Covid era? (Prof. E. Mathijs, Faculty of bioengineering, KULeuven).

14h40-15h20: The FAO strategic framework for research with academic institutions (Dr. Raschad Al-Khafaji, Director FAO liaison office Brussels) 

15h20-16h00: Loving the Alien: CO2 deserves our affection but save a seat for some other surprising climate change alies  ( Dr. Jan Mertens, Chief Science Officer, ENGIE-Brussels)

17h00 : séance académique

18h00 : inauguration et visite du bâtiment rénové

18h30 : cocktail