Remote Sensing in Hydrology: Recent Developments and New Challenges


May 29, 2019

9h - 12h


Seminar room, Carnoy (B059)

Climate change and, in particular, the increase in frequency and intensity of drought events during the next decades will adversely affect water-related functions of terrestrial ecosystems. Strategies to manage the effects of climate change on hydrological functioning should build on appropriate capacities to monitor hydrological functions at regional scale, and this with an appropriate temporal resolution. Remote sensing techniques are particularly well adapted to support such monitoring goal. In recent years significant progress has been made in the development of satellite-based instruments and data analysis techniques offering new opportunities for monitoring hydrological features. In this outreach meeting, some of these developments will be reviewed.

Participation is free of charge. PhD students can consider their participation in their PhD doctoral training programme.

9h15: François Jonard & Marnik Vanclooster (UCLouvain, Belgium): Welcome Address and Scope of the MIT-MISTI Project.

9h30: Dara Entekhabi (MIT, USA): Coupling of Land Water, Energy and Carbon Cycles Diagnosed From SMAP Measurements.

10h00: Gabrielle De Lannoy (KULeuven, Belgium): Land Surface Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation.

10h30: Coffee break

11h00: Susan Steele-Dunne (TU Delft, The Netherlands): Monitoring Vegetation Water Dynamics using Radar.