The mycothèque UCLouvain at the Royal Palace


July 23, 2019

August 25, 2019


Palais Royal, Place des Palais

The UCLouvain contributes to the exhibition THE MOON: between Dream and Reality, which is held at the Royal Palace all summer long. The university's fungal library (i.e. the Mycothèque UCLouvain - MUCL), one of the most important collections of fungal cultures in the world, is featured.

Initiated by the Federal Science Policy (BELSPO), the exhibition offers to the general public an original vision of art and science through objects from the federal cultural and scientific heritage. The 2019 edition commemorates the 50th anniversary of one of humanity's greatest dreams: walking on the Moon !

The MUCL prepared a special selection for this exhibition from its holdings of more than 30 000 fungal strains, accumulated through the years by its researcher staff as well as from deposits by external scientists and industrials.

The exhibition runs from 23 July to 25 August, from 10.30 to 15.45 (last entries), Place des Palais in Brussels.

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