2020 Benno Warkentin Prize


Zimin Li has been awarded to 2020 Benno Warkentin Prize who is famous soil scientist in the world.

The PRSSS Warkentin Prize is presented to a graduate student or recent graduate from a graduate program who has published a graduate thesis or recent peer-reviewed article within the discipline of soil science. The award is named in memory of Professor Benno P. Warkentin, who professed that human society co-evolved in harmony with the soil. His passion, convictions and actions were an inspiration to all. He documented and stated that human development and progress was shaped by understanding, working with, and caring for the soil. He was passionate about soil science and was convinced that growing our knowledge of soils would ensure a better future for all. The PRSSS Warkentin Award recipient receives $500 Canadian

Published on June 11, 2020