Bioinformatics research logistician


We are pleased to announce the arrival at UCLouvain of Dr Gipsi Lima Mendez as a bioinformatics research logistician as of October 1st. Dr. Lima Mendez obtained a PhD in Science (Bioinformatics) from ULB in 2008 and completed three postdoctoral fellowships (ULB, 2008-2010; VUB, 2010-2014; KUL, 2014-2017).  She has extensive expertise in several fields of bioinformatics (genomics, proteomics, phylogeny, analysis of large amounts of -omics data) with statistical skills.  She was heavily involved for 10 years in the international consortium "Tara Oceans" which studies the impact of climate change on the oceans, and more particularly on the identification and analysis of microbial eukaryotic genes and marine plankton. It will support researchers at the LIBST and ELI Institute, in coordination with the SMCS platform (LIDAM), as a prelude to the establishment of an intersectoral platform with the health sector


Published on September 24, 2019