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Leveraging Multipath TCP on iOS11 February 23, 24 & 25, 2018

Multipath TCP is a recent TCP extension that enables the utilisation of multiple paths to exchange data over a single TCP connection. Since its standardisation in 2013, Multipath TCP has been deployed to address several use cases.

Since 2013, Apple uses Multipath TCP on iOS, initially for the Siri application and since iOS11 for any application. The main benefit that they see with Multipath TCP is the ability to support fast handovers from WiFi to cellular when the user is moving.

Korea Telecom has convinced Samsung and LG to use this Multipath TCP implementation in all their high-end smartphones to bond WiFi and cellular for premium users. The main benefit that they see with Multipath TCP is the ability of increasing the bandwidth offered to endusers. Another growing use case are the hybrid access networks. To provide higher bandwidth services, a growing number of network operators are deploying solutions to combine their xDSL and 4G networks. Those hybrid access networks are typically deployed in rural areas where xDSL performance is poor due to line distance. Tessares has already helped several network operators to deploy such hybrid access networks.

There are two major implementations of Multipath TCP today.

The first one is an extension to the Linux kernel that has been developed by researchers from UCLouvain. It is open-source and available from

The second implementation is the one that Apple includes in iOS and MacOS. Since iOS11, any application can benefit from Multipath TCP. Upgrading an application to use Multipath TCP requires small changes to the application itself with the APIs provided by Apple. However, the server infrastructure used by the application will also need to support Multipath TCP. The Linux open-source implementation has all the features that are required to support iOS11 applications.

The objective of this event is to educate application developers, system administrators and CS students on how to efficiently use Multipath TCP.

Students and researchers affiliated with universities can participate freely but must register in advance. Places limited. First come, first served !

Professional developers must pay a small registration fee (400 €) that will cover the food and social events of the hackathon.


Friday February 23rd, 2018 at 10:00 am : Tutorial : Multipath TCP : Theory and Practice
During this full-day tutorial, we first explain how Multipath TCP works and the changes that it has introduced to the regular TCP stack. The second part of the day will be focussed on practice. We will explore how Multipath TCP can be used by simple applications on iOS11 and how Multipath TCP can be installed, tuned and configured on Linux servers. The tutorial will be taught  by Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain and Tessares) and Christoph Paasch (Apple).

Where : Shannon Room a.105 - Maxwell Building - Place du Levant 3 - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Saturday February 24th and Sunday February 25th : Hackathon at 10:00 am from 17:00 pm
The objective of this hackathon is to mix CS students, iOS11 developers and the developers of the Linux Multipath TCP implementation to extend existing iOS11 applications and configure the associated Multipath TCP servers.

Where : Intel Room- Réaumur Building - Place Ste Barbe, 2 - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Additional information will be added in the coming days.

More information regarding accomodation can reach here.

Registration form

For professional developers the participation fee is 400 €, only guaranteed after receipt of full payment by bank transfert on :

IBAN : BE11.3100.9590.0148
2, rue des Wallons - B 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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