MPTCP breakthroughs laid out at IETF 101 - London, March 2018.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the organisation that develops new Internet protocols. IETF helds three meetings per year and the last one took place in London. Several UCL researchers and students contributed to these standardisation efforts.

Maxime Piraux and François Michel, two Master students, took part at the IETF 101 Hackathon. They shared with the engineers who are designing the new QUIC protocol their new QUIC Tracker which tests the quality of a dozen of QUIC implementations.

Fabien Duchêne described an extension to the 'Multipath TCPsocket API" to support IPv6 Segment Routing.

Quentin De Coninck presented "First experimentations with IOS MTCP in the wild" which brings out early results collected from a two-weeks deployment about the performance of Multipath TCP and Multipath QUIC on smartphones with his MultipathTester

Olivier Tilmans called for "An endhost-centric approach to detect performance problems", and presented measurements done in the INGI student computer rooms to illustrate it.

Published on March 29, 2018