Research Area

The Computing Science and Engineering Department belongs to the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM). Our researchers are active in the following research domains :

Biomedical engineering

Several research groups carry out research in the field of biomedical engineering. It involves the following activities summarized in more details below: Bioinformatics and computational biology, Biomedical data analysis, Biosensors, Medical Imaging, Modelling of biological and physiological systems.

Department investigators : Pierre Dupont

Research Labs : Machine Learning Group

Institute link : Biomedical engineering

Communication Systems and Networks

A large variety of problems related to communication systems and networks are investigated. The different topics cover all the layers of communication systems going from the physical layer up to the application layer, including the MAC, network and transport layers. A few examples of particular activities are detailed below. Thanks to its expertise on such a large array of subjects, ICTEAM is able to undertake complex research projects dealing with very different aspects of communication systems. 

Cryptography and Information Security

Cryptography and Information Security seek at building tools that enable to secure data and to communicate in a reliable, fair, and private way. Over thirty researchers are active in this field

Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization

The Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization group gathers about a dozen professors and over 30 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. It participates in various projects including the Inter-university Attraction Pole on Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization (DYSCO).

Department Investigators : Yves Deville and Pierre Schaus

Institute link : Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization

Large Graphs and Networks

Research on large graphs and networks is conducted by 12 professors and about 30 PhD students and postdocs.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

ICTEAM research activities in this field are conducted by seven primary investigators and about fourty researchers. There are two main domains of activity : Machine Learning and Constraint Programming.

Software Engineering and Programming Systems

The Software Engineering and Programming Systems domain gathers five faculty members and about twenty researchers around the federating goal of supporting the development and maintenance of advanced, complex and dependable software.

Department  Investigators : Kim Mens, Charles PecheurEtienne Rivière and Peter Van Roy

Research Labs :  RELEASeD , Programming Languages and Distributed Computing (PLDC) , Louvain Verification Lab (LVL)

Institute link : Software Engineering and Programming Systems