An award recognizes longstanding efforts in open-source

SIGCOMM, the Special Interest Group in Data Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery has awarded the 2019 SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award to the open-source implementation of Multipath TCP in the Linux kernel. This award is given to networking systems that have had a significant impact on the world of computer networking.

This prestigious award recognises ten years of effort by a group of networking researchers lead by Christoph Paasch, Sébastien Barré and Gregory Detal during their Ph.D. at UCLouvain. Multipath TCP is a new Internet protocol that is capable of simultanesouly exchanging data over different network paths. It has been standardised by the Internet Engineering Task Force and adopted by industry for various use cases.

Since 2013, Apple uses MPTCP on all iPhones. Other smartphone vendors such as Samsung, LG and Huawei include this MPTCP implementation. Future 5G networks will leverage MPTCP to efficiently combine WiFi and cellular networks. MPTCP is also used to create Hybrid Access Networks that combine wired and wireless networks to improve Internet access in rural areas.

The Tessares spin-off is a pioneer in this new field and several network operators have deployed its solution.

The MPTCP implementation in the Linux kernel is freely available from :


Published on July 01, 2019