Thesis Award 2017

The ICTEAM Thesis Award 2017 was granted to Raja Venkata Ratan KOTIPALLI for his thesis entitled Surface Passivation Effects of Aluminium Oxide on Ultra-Thin CIGS Solar Cells.

Denis Flandre, supervisor of the awarded thesis, picked the diploma on Raja's behalf, since he could not be present in person.

Julien Hendrickx delivered, in the name of the selection committee, a very instructive speech explaining which decisive elements guided the committee's decision.

The ICTEAM Thesis Award, which consists of an amount of 2000 €, is granted yearly to the best doctoral thesis that was publicly defended in the course of the previous civil year and for which at least one of the co-directors is officially a member of ICTEAM.

This year, the selection committee is chaired by Luc Vandendorpe. The other members are Olivier Bonaventure, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Julien Hendrickx, Jean-Pierre Raskin and François-Xavier Standaert.  

Read the regulations to know more.

Published on June 01, 2017