Welcome to Eric Piette, new faculty !

Welcome to Eric Piette as a new Faculty member of ICTEAM/INGI !

Eric Piette is a Game AI Researcher from France. Gaming has always been his passion, and it led him on his research journey. He completed his PhD at Artois University, France, where he focused on the combination of Stochastic Constraint Programming and Bandits Techniques within the realm of General Game Playing.

Since 2018, he's been working in the Netherlands as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the ERC-funded Digital Ludeme Project, affiliated with Maastricht University and more recently with Leiden University.

In these roles, he's had the opportunity to explore diverse areas such as Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, all within the domain of Game Playing and Game Study. Over the past few years, he's also had the pleasure of collaborating with experts from fields like History, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Mathematics.

Eric Piette is the leader of a new COST Action called GameTable, which brings together a group of international researchers working together to use artificial intelligence to study games in the various fields mentioned above..

Published on September 01, 2023