Academic members

Prof. Denis FLANDRE Prof. Jean-Pierre RASKIN Prof. Laurent FRANCIS


  • Valeriya KILCHYTSKA, head research logisticians
  • Nicolas ANDRE, post-doc - MEMS Gas Sensors
  • Romain TUYAERTS, post-doc - Porous silicon
  • Quentin VAN OVERMEERE, post-doc - Porous silicon
  • Xiaohui TANG, post-doc - Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology

PhD students

  • Sedki AMOR - Noise analysis on on-membrane MOSFET
  • Noémie BIDOUL
  • Pieter CARDINAEL - 3D integration of III-V materials in IoT integrated circuits
  • Thibault DELHAYE  - Pressure sensors
  • Romain HANUS - Iontronics & blue energy
  • Margo HAUWAERT - Magnetic paper-based biosensors
  • Grégoire LE BRUN - Impedimetric paper-based biosensors
  • Eléonore MASARWEH - Flexible pressure sensors
  • Rafael PUYOL TROISI - Gas sensors
  • Alex PIP - Lab-on-a-chip mechanical testing
  • Nicolas ROISIN
  • Roselien VERCAUTEREN - Porous silicon-based optical biosensors
  • Yiyi YAN
  • Xi ZENG

Master thesis students (2020-2021)

  • François BERGHMANS
  • Sébastien COUVREUR
  • Ramy MOUMNEH
  • Josquin VANDEPUTTE

Former group members

  • Maher AASSAD, was a post-doc, now at Malaysia University
  • Mohamed BOUTERFA, was a master student thesis, now PhD student at UCL
  • Pierre COURTOIS, was a master thesis student
  • Thibault DASNOY, was a research assistant
  • Benoit DEPER, was a master thesis student
  • Antoine DOUCHAMPS, was a master thesis student
  • Thibault DOUILLET, was a master thesis student
  • Sylvain DRUART, was a PhD student, now in charge of a Spin off project at UCL
  • Pascal DUPUIS, was a post-doc, now at Université Paul Sabbatier (Toulouse, France)
  • Samer HOURI, was a PhD student
  • Jonathan RASSON, was a PhD student
  • Samuel SONCK, was PhD student
  • Ester TOOTEN, was a research assistant & WINFAB researched
  • Denis TOUSSAINT, was a master thesis student
  • Nancy VAN OVERSTRAETEN, was a post-doc
  • Numa COUNIOT, PhD student - Bacteria Biosensors
  • Pierre-Antoine HADDAD - Graphene
  • Olivier PONCELET, PhD student - Optical Properties of Bio-inspired Nanostructures, in collaboration with Université de Namur
  • Ashesh RAY CHAUDHURI - Inertial MEMS Sensors, in collaboration with IMEC
  • Maria-Isabel ROCHA-GASO - Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensors
  • Gilles SCHEEN, PhD student - Nanoporous Hydrogen Silicon Gas Sensors
  • Thomas WALEWYNS, PhD student - Hydrogen Physical Gas Sensors
  • Lamia EL-FISSI, post-doc - Optical Biosensors and Microfluidics
  • Petros GKOTSIS, post-doc - MEMS Reliability under Harsh Environmental Condition
  • David SPIRITO, research assistant - MEMS Gas Sensors