Thesis Defenses


09/19 - CAICEDO PANQUEVA Nohora Lizeth, Cycled growth and transport modelling of ZnO nanowires network towards room-temperature gas sensing
09/11- VANDE KERCKHOVE Corentin, Data science for modeling opinion dynamics on social media
09/01 - HAMMAD Mohamed, Contributions to experimental mechanics of graphene
08/29 - HADDAD Pierre-Antoine, Optimization of passive rectifiers from silicon CMOS technologies to graphene
07/17 - BUSARD Simon, Symbolic model checking of multi-modal logics: uniform strategies and rich explanations
05/17 - HOUNDJI Vinasétan Ratheil, Cost-based filtering algorithms for a Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem and the Constrained Arborescence Problem
03/17 - AL KHALIFEH Khaldoun, Analysis and Design of Wideband Antenna Arrays for Near-Field Imaging
02/17 - OUESLATI Donia, Modal Analysis Methods and Design of Chipless RFID Tags with Natural Fractal Shapes
02/17 - VINOGRADOV Evgenii, Multi-Dimensional Radio Channel Models for Distributed Communication
01/17 - RAUCY Christopher, Simulation of a Radio-Frequency Quadrupole with the Method of Moments (MOM)
01/17 - TAYLOR Adrien, Convex Interpolation and Performance Estimation of First-order Methods for Convex Optimization


11/16 - KHADDAM Iyad, Prism: A Life Cycle to Align User Interface and Software Developments based on a Linguistic Perspective
10/16 - COSSE Augustin, Semidefinite programming relaxations for matrix completion, inverse scattering and blind deconvolution
10/16 - BEUVENS François, UsiGesture: A Structured Method for Engineering Pen-Based Gestures in Graphical User Interfaces
10/16 - PAUL Ruma Rani, Building Distributed Systems for High-Stress Environments using Reversibility and Phase-Awareness
10/16 - KALAVRI Vasiliki, Performance Optimization Techniques and Tools for Distributed Graph Processing
10/16 - DE STREEL Guerric, High-performance ultra-low-voltage digital and RF circuits based on adaptative forward back biasing in 28nm FDSOI CMOS
10/16 - LIU Ying, Towards Elastic Hight-Performance Geo-Distributed Storage in the Cloud
09/16 - DEJEMEPPE Cyrille, Constraint Programming Algorithms and Models for Scheduling Applications
09/16 - LUGAN Sébastien, Geometry-based simulations for detection of wake vortices using a pulsed Doppler lidar
06/16 - MEZHOUDI Nesrine, A Model-based Approach for Mixed-Initative Context-aware Adaptation of Graphical User Interface
06/16 - WALEWYNS Thomas, A low-power low-cost MEMS-based gas sensing platform
05/16 - GONZALEZ Adriana, Solving Inverse Problems in Imaging using Robust and Regularized Optimization
04/16 - LATIERS Arnaud, Frequency Containment Reserve from Energy Constrained Loads. A system Perspective
04/16 - DUTU Constantin, Silicon nanostructures and coplanar waveguides for biosensors
02/16 - KOTIPALLI Raja, Surface Passivation Effects of Aluminum oxide on Ultra-Thin CIGS Solar Cells
02/16 - TREFOIS Maguy, Topics in combinatorial matrix theory
02/16 - GIARD Thibault, Grip force adaptation to static and dynamic torques during object manipulation
01/16 - MELCHIOR Jérémie, A Model-Based Approach for Dynamically Distributing Graphical User Interfaces Based on their Properties, Graphs, and Scenarios

12/15 - BROGNAUX Sandrine, Expressive speech synthesis: Research and system design with hiddden Markov models
12/15 - JACOBS Damien, Characterization of Wallerian degeneration by in vivo diffusion compartment imaging
12/15 - PONCELET Olivier, Synthèse, caractérisation et modélisation de nanostructures photoniques bio-inspirées
12/15 - GROSSO Vincent, Towards Side-Channel Secure Block Ciphers
12/15 - HOLLANDERS Romain, Decision making in large stochastic and adversarial environments: a complexity analysis of Policy Iteration
12/15 - BUI Quoc Trung, Modelling and solving complex combinatorial optimization problems: quorumcast routing, elementary shortest path, elementary longest path and agricultural land allocation
11/15 - CUVELIER Edouard, Privacy-Preserving Audit Mechanisms for Multi-Party Protocols
10/15 - VERLEYSEN Cédric, 3D estimation and view synthesis in wide-baseline stereo
09/15 - GARCIA DIEZ Silvia, Randomized Shortest Paths on graphs and their applications
09/15 - BRANDERS Samuel, Regression, Classification and Feature Selection from Survival Data - Modeling of Hypoxia conditions for cancer prognosis
09/15 - DEVILLE Pierre, Understanding Social Dynamics through Big Data
09/15 - COUNIOT Numa, Highly-sensitive CMOS capacitive biosensors towards detection of single bacterial cell in electrolyte solutions.This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
09/15 - DECUYPER Adeline, Big Data for Modeling Human Behavior: Applications using mobile phone data
08/15 - K.C. Amit Kumar, Detection-based multi-object tracking in presence of unreliable appearance features
07/15 - EGO Caroline, Maturation of visual tracking in typically developing children and individuals with cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder
07/15 - SCHEEN Gilles, Metal electrode integration and Palladium nanoparticle functionalization on a miniaturized macroporous silicon chemiresistor
07/15 - GUSI AMIGO Adria, Bounds on the accuracy of Ultra-wideband based positioning
07/15 - DURVAUX François, Towards fair side-channel security evaluations
06/15 - PAUL Jérôme, Feature Selection from Heterogeneous Biomedical Data
05/15 - SOUNG YEE Lawrence, Evaluation of Monolithic Pixel Detector Readout in Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
05/15 - GHIDELLI Matteo, Size Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Zr-Ni Thin Metallic Glass Films
05/15 - ONCLINX Victor, Dimensionality reduction for visualization: representing on manifolds and preserving ranks
04/15 - MAIRY Jean-Baptiste, Propagators for Table Constraints
04/15 - MAWET Sophie, Negotiations using secure Multi-party Computation
03/15 - DANLEE Yann, Hierarchically organised materials based on polymers and conductive one-dimensional nanostructures for the control of electromagnetic propagation
03/15 - CARPENT Xavier, RFID authentication and time-memory trade-offs
03/15 - BOLLEN Pierre, Hierarchical hybrid materials combining wideband electromagnetic absorption and mechanical performance

12/14 - EL SOUSSI Mohieddine, Network Coding for the Multiple Access Relay Channel
11/14 - PAASCH Christoph, Improving Multipath TCP
11/14 - BERNARD Guillaume, Incremental organ segmentation with machine learning techniques - Application to radiotherapy
11/14 - BERNARD Sébastien, Robust and energy-efficient explicit pulse-triggered flip-flops in 28nm FDSOI technology for ultra-wide-voltage range and ultra-low-power circuits
10/14 - DELHAYE Benoît, Skin mechanics involved in dynamic touch
09/14 - BROWET Arnaud, Algorithms for community and role detection in networks
09/14 - CASTRO MEJIA Sergio, A Portable Approach for Bidirectional Integration between a Logic and a Statically-Typed Object-Oriented Programming Language
09/14 - BOTMAN François, Towards the design of a pseudo-synchronous multi-processor system-on-chip for processing-intensive ultra-low-power applications
08/14 - BRAGA SANGIORGI Ugo, A method for protyping graphical user interfaces by sketching on multiple devices
08/14 - JHA Shambhu Nath, Fast Spectral-Domain Macro Basis Function Analysis of Large Arrays of Printed Antennas
06/14 - BOUFOUSS El Hafed, Design of SOI CMOS circuits robust to combined effectds of process variations, high temperature and radiations
06/14 - BEN ALI Khaled, Substrate-Related RF Performance of Trap-Rich High-Resistivity SOI wafers
06/14 - KERCKHOF Stéphanie, Towards Fair Evaluation and IP Protection of Cryptographic Implementations
06/14 - KHAN Nizabat, Multi-link channel modeling and interference characterization for beyond 4G networks
04/14 - PETERS Thomas, Privacy enhancing cryptographic mechanisms with public verifiability
04/14 - HAMOIR Gaël, Microwave devices based on unbiased tunable ferromagnetic nanowire arrays
03/14 - DETAL Grégory, Evaluating and Improving the Deployability of Multipath TCP
03/14 - COLLA Marie-Stéphane, Plasticity and creep in thin free-standing nanocrystalline Pd films
03/14 - JIN Zhiwen, Resource Allocation Techniques in Relay-Aided Multicell OFDMA-based Wireless Communication Systems
02/14 - BOUMAL Nicolas, Optimization and estimation on manifolds - This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
02/14 - BOUTERFA Mohamed, Ultra-Thin Silicon Strip Detector for Protontherapy Beam Monitoring
01/14 - BOGALE Tadilo Endeshaw, Transceiver design for single-cell and multi-cell Downlink multiuser MIMO systems
01/14 - TAQUET Maxime, Multi-Fascicle Models of the Brain Microstructure for Population Studies

12/13 - LE CLEMENT DE SAINT MARCQ Vianney, Castor: a Constraint-based SPARQL Engine with Active Filter Processing
12/13 - De VOS Julien, Switched-Capacitor DC/DC Converters in Nanometer CMOS Technologies for Micro-Power Energy Management - This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
12/13 - GENARO MOTTI Vivian, A Conceptual Framework for Multidimensional Adaptation of User Interfaces to the Context of Use
11/13 - POLLISSARD Guillaume, Design techniques for sub-microwatt analog sensor interfaces in advanced CMOS technologies
11/13 - COMBEFIS Sébastien, A Formal Framework for the Analysis of Human-Machine Interactions
09/13 - GOSSET Geoffroy, CMOS blocks for ultra low power sensing systems
09/13 - LECLERCQ Guillaume, The velocity visuomotor transformation for manual tracking
09/13 - DOQUIRE Gauthier, Non parametric feature selection for machine learning in complex settings
09/13 - ROCHA GASO Maria Isabel, Analysis, implementation and validation of a Love mode surface acoustic wave device for its application as sensor of biological processes in liquid media
09/13 - FRENAY Benoît, Uncertainty and label noise in machine learning
09/13 - DENIES Jonathan, Métaheuristiques pour l'optimisation topologique. Application à la conception de dispositifs électromagnétiques
09/13 - MASSEN Florence, Optimization approaches for vehicle routing problems with black box feasibility
09/13 - DRUART Sylvain, Designing Microsystems for Liquid Electrical Properties and Variable Magnetic Fields Measurements
09/13 - TRAAG Vincent, Algorithms and Dynamical Models for Communities and Reputation in Social Networks
09/13 - CARDOZO ALVAREZ Nicolas, Identification and Management of Inconsistencies in Dynamically Adaptive Software Systems
08/13 - BORCKMANS Pierre, Multimodal and Nonsmooth Optimization on Matrix Manifolds
08/13 - KABASELE TENDAY Jean-Marie, A Framework for Integrating Security in Software Development Projects
08/13 - RENAUDIN Olivier, Experimental channel characterization for vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems
07/13 - ORBAN DE XIVRY François-Xavier, Nearest stable system
07/13 - MALLAT Achraf, Parameter Estimation for Ultra Wideband Based Positioning
07/13 - RENTMEESTERS Quentin, Algorithms for data fitting on some common homogeneous spaces
06/13 - ANDREOTTI Riccardo, Adaptive Techniques for Packet-Oriented Transmissions in Future Multicarrier Wireless Systems
06/13 - MARTIN Tania, Privacy in RFID Systems
04/13 - BHASKAR Umesh Kumar, Surface effects on the electro-mechanical properties of silicon nano-ribbons and nano-wires
04/13 - AWAN Zohaib Hassan, Physical Layer Security in Cooperative Networks
04/13 - COYETTE Cécile, Gauges on Clifford algebras and noncrossed product division algebras
03/13 - DEVOLDER Olivier, Exactness, Inexactness and Stochasticity in First-order Methods for Large-scale Convex Optimization - This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
03/13 - MBAKI LUZAYISU Efrem, A Model-Driven Approach for Designing Multi-platform User Interface Dialogues
02/13 - GUALBERTO FERREIRA COELHO Frederico, Semi-supervised feature selection
02/13 - MASQUELEIN Alexandre, Un invariant cohomologique de degré 3 pour les algèbres à involution unitaire
02/13 - SHARIATI Saloomeh, Image-Based Physical Unclonable Functions for Anti-Counterfeiting
01/13 - MD ARSHAD Mohd Khairuddin, Characterization and Modeling of Ultra-Thin Body Fully Depleted SOI MOSFETs
01/13 - PALMIERI Paolo, Unconditional Secure Cooperation on Real-World Networks: the Case of Oblivious Transfer
01/13 - EGGERMONT Stéphanie, Metamaterial Leaky-Wave Antenna based on Complementary Split-Ring Resonators

12/12 - DOGET Julien, Side-Channel Analysis and Countermeasures (Analyse des attaques par canaux auxiliaires et recherche de contremesures associées)
12/12 - MACLEAN Heather, Modelling plant growth - Importance of Identifiability in Developing Simple Models for Control
12/12 - CHANG Chia-Tche, Heuristic optimization methods for three matrix problems
12/12 - PLUMAT Jérôme, Image Classification and Reconstruction using Markov Random Field Modeling and Sparsity
10/12 - COPPE Sébastien, Experimental and theoretical approaches to predictive pursuit eye movements
10/12 - HO Trong-Viet, Traffic Engineering Technique for Data Center Networks
10/12 - STAMATAKIS Julien, Movement Assessment in Patients with Cerebral Motor Disorders using Accelerometers
10/12 - PANAHANDEH Ali, Multi-polarized Sensing for Cognitive Radio
10/12 - BARRY Demba, Square-Central Elements in Algebras of Exponent 2
10/12 - VANBEVER Laurent, Methods and Techniques for Disruption-Free Network Reconfiguration - This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
09/12 - SIMON Emile, A perspective for optimization in systems and control: from LMIs to derivative-free methods
09/12 - KUTI LUSALA TSUMBU MBI Angelo, Hybrid Network-on-Chip Architectures for Real-Time Applications on Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Platforms
09/12 - RENAULD Mathieu, Advanced extraction and exploitation of side-channel information in cryptographic implementations
09/12 - CASON Thomas, Role extraction in networks
09/12 - PAMPIN Rémi, Biocapteurs à réseaux d’électrodes isolées sur semiconducteur actif
07/12 - KAMEL Dina, Transistor-level design of low-power nanoscale digital circuits for secure applications
07/12 - LEHEMBRE Rémy, Evaluation des corrélats électrophysiologiques de la conscience: Electroencéphalographie quantitative et applications
07/12 - MOLENBERG Isabel, Wideband electrical characterisation of carbon-based nanocomposites
06/12 - MELCHIOR Samuel, Multimesh Iterative Schemes and Model Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Advection-Diffusion Equations
06/12 - GONZALEZ OVEJERO David, Analysis of Non-periodic Antenna Arrays: an Accelerated Macro Basis Function Approach
06/12 - MANI Francesco, Improved ray-tracing for advanced radio propagation channel modeling
04/12 - CHAUDHARY Muhammad Hafeez, Power Optimized Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
04/12 - VANDER MEULEN José, Combining Partial Order Reduction with Symbolic Model Checking
03/12 - LIU Lingfeng, Cooperative Wireless Channel Characterization and Modeling: Application to Body Area and Cellular Networks
03/12 - KRINGS Gautier, Extraction of information from large networks
03/12 - COULOMBIER Michaël, Nanomechanical lab on-chip for testing thin film materials and application to Al and Al(Si)
03/12 - HOURI Samer, Dynamic Analysis of MEMS Based Tensile Testing Structures for Thin Films Mechanical Characterization
02/12 - KESHMIRI Farshad, Body-Area-Network Antennas: Green’s Functions, Numerical Analysis and Design
02/12 - WANG Tao, Resource Allocation in OFDM-based Wireless Communication Systems
01/12 - AMBROISE Jérôme, Contribution of biostatistical methods to genomic and proteomic data analysis. A case for microarray data analysis, transcriptional network inference, and protein binding site detection
01/12 - RODA NEVE César, Small- and large-signal characterization of trap-rich HR-Si/HR-SOI wafers for SoC applications

12/11 - OLBRECHTS Benoît, Routes Towards Novel Active Pressure Sensors in Thin Film SOI Technology
12/11 - OGUZ Onur, Unified Analysis of Communication Receivers Using a Bayesian Approach
12/11 - SARKIS Rémi, Antenna Arrays for Direction of Arrival Estimation and Imaging From Mutual Coupling Analysis to Real-World Design
12/11 - AMOUH Teh, Analysis of Tabular non-Standard Data with Decision Trees, and Application to Hypnogram-Based Detection of Sleep Profile
11/11 - DAMAS Christophe, Analyzing Multi-View Models of Software Systems
11/11 - LAMBEAU Bernard, Synthesizing Multi-View Models of Software Systems
11/11 - BARRE Sébastien, Implementation and Assessment of Modern Host-based Multipath Solutions
10/11 - DARAZI Rony, Towards a combining scheme for Compression and Watermarking for 3D Stereo Images
10/11 - DRUYTS Pascal, Analysis of Environmental Effects on Electromagnetic Induction Sensors
10/11 - PASSI Vikram, Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires for Electromechanical Properties
10/11 - MOUTHUY Sébastien, Constraint-Based Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search
10/11 - SAUCEZ Damien, Mechanisms for Interdomain Traffic Engineering with LISP
09/11 - MONTENEGRO-VILLACIEROS Belen, Versatile Two State Model for Land Mobile Satellite Systems: Parameter Extraction and Time Series Synthesis
09/11 - IVANOV Tzvetan, A Functional Approach to System Identification and Model Reduction
09/11 - MATHON Benjamin, Développement de méthodes de tatouage sûres pour le traçage de contenus multimédia
09/11 - BULTEEL Olivier, Silicon-on-Insulator optoelectronic components for micropower solar energy harvesting and bio-environmental instrumentation
09/11 - GILLES Thierry, Advances in the formulations and accuracy of the method of moments applied to electromagnetics
09/11 - ANDRE Nicolas, CMOS co-integrated in-plane and out-of-plane MEMS sensors
09/11 - DE DECKER Arnaud, Mode estimation based filtering in digital imaging and application to medical image denoising
06/11 - DANCILA Dragos, MM-wave integrated RF-MEMS tunable cavity resonators, filters and ultra-low phase-noise oscillators
06/11 - FILATRIAU Jehan-Julien, Analysis, synthesis and gestural control of expressive sonic textures in musical contexts
04/11 - COLLARD Baudoin, Design and Experimental Validation of Statistical Attacks against Block Ciphers
04/11 - DE LANNOY Gaël, Automated modelling and processing of long-term electrocardiogram signals
04/11 - QUITIN François, Channel modeling for polarized MIMO systems
03/11 - PHAM Quang Dung, LS (Graph) : A Constraint-Based Local Search Framework for Constrained Optimum Tree and Path Problems on Graphs
02/11 - ROUSSEAU Bertrand, Evaluations of Hardware Platforms, Methods and Tools for Low-Volume Software-Defined Signal Processing Applications
02/11 - GILLIS Nicolas, Nonnegative matrix factorization : complexity, algorithms and applications - This thesis won the ICTEAM Thesis Award
02/11 - LEROY Damien, Allowing IP networks to be securely renumbered and shared
02/11 - RECKINGER Nicolas, Fabrication and characterization of rare-earth silicide thin films

12/10 - VAN ROY Stéphane, Modélisation spatio-temporelle Ultra-Large Bande du canal de transmission pour réseaux corporels sans fil
12/10 - STREPENNE François, Adhesion of thin films on steel and separation of the energy contributions
12/10 - VAN DEN SCHRIECK Virginie, Improving Internal BGP Routing
11/10 - DE MEULENAER Giacomo, Understanding Power in Cryptography
11/10 - EMAM MOHAMMAD Mostafa, Wide Band and Noise Characterization of Various MOSFETS for Optimized Use in RF Circuits
11/10 - BROUSMICHE Sébastien, Simulation of coherent Doppler LIDAR signals and their analysis with the Cohen's class : Application to algorithms design for wake vortex detection and characterization
11/10 - DAYE Pierre, Behavioral and modeling studies of eye and head coordination
10/10 - MENDONCA Hildeberto, Multi-purpose and extensible framework for multimedia content description
10/10 - ORBAN DE XIVRY Jonathan, Non-rigid registration for efficient treatment planning and dose delivery assessment of radiotherapy
10/10 - JANSSENS Guillaume, Registration models for tracking organs and tumors in highly deformable anatomies: applications to radiotherapy
10/10 - MEJIAS CANDIA Boris César, A Relaxed Approach to the Design of Scalable Systems with Self-Managing Behaviour and Transactional Robust Storage
09/10 - KALAKECH Ali, DSL: Crosstalk Estimation Techniques, and Impact on DSM
09/10 - VLAD-SERBAN Dana-Alina, New routes towards all-printed organic thin film transistors
09/10 - HELLEPUTTE Thibault, Inductive biases for stable feature selection in high dimensional spaces : application to gene profiling and diagnosis from DNA microarrays - This thesis won the IBM Belgium / F.R.S.-FNRS 2011 Award
08/10 - ORDONEZ CAMACHO Diego Antonio, A product-line for families of program translators. A grammar-based approach.
08/10 - BRAH Félix, Constrained Optimized Resource Allocation for Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems
07/10 - SIMON Cédric, Multivariate Decision Trees through Margin Maximization Principle and Topological Organization of Clusters
06/10 - CABY Benoît, Accelerometer-Based Motion Analysis for Elderly Fall Prevention and Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
06/10 - YEN Luh, Proximities on graphs: application to node clustering and visualization
06/10 - GIARD Joachim, Protein Surface Properties using Signal Processing and Statistical Tools
06/10 - ABERBOUR Lyazid, Miniaturization of Slot and Planar Monopole Antennas: Analytical Approaches and Experimental Validation
06/10 - LAWSON Jean-Yves Lionel, Engineering Multimodal Interactions through Rapid Integration of Heterogeneous Components
05/10 - MONETTE Jean-Noël, Solving Scheduling Problems from High-Level Models