Noun concatenations in translation


Testing the revised gravitational pull model: The case of noun concatenation in expert and novice financial translation

Situated in empirical translation studies, the project aims to test Halverson’s (2017) revised gravitational pull model, which posits three cognitive sources of translational effects: source language salience (gravitational pull), target language salience (magnetism) and cross-linguistic link strength (connectivity). We take concatenated nouns (i.e. sequences of at least two nouns) as a test case, comparing English-to-French specialized translations produced by both expert and novice translators. Adopting a mixed methods approach combining corpus and experimental data, we test the hypothesis that the force of the three sources of translational effects varies according to translation expertise.

This project is funded by the UCLouvain's Fonds Spécial de la Recherche.

Project director: Marie-Aude Lefer

Halverson, S. L. (2017). Gravitational pull in translation. Testing a revised model. In G. De Sutter, M.-A. Lefer & I. Delaere (eds), Empirical Translation Studies. New Methodological and Theoretical Traditions. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 9–46.