The Web Deb Project


The Project

The aim of the project is to enable the logical storage of arguments used in any kind of public debate (political, scientific, societal ...). It is based on the fact that any text is made of a complex blend of assertions, which may take the form of a descriptive, prescriptive, appreciative or performative statement. By taking these statements as "basic blocks", we are willing to structure a database in which various objects (statements, actors, references, themes ...) will be connected.

The project aims at developing an application in the form of a collaborative open source platform that will, firstly, display the various positions and justifications of different actors on each assertion and, secondly, that will map the links between assertions.
This platform will be accompanied by various extension and importation plug-ins. In addition to teaching and research, the platform will also serve the general public, organizations, the media and, ultimately, the industrial world.


The Team (alphabetical order)

Cougnon Louise-Amélie (UCL)
Delvaux Bernard (UCL)
Fairon Cédrick (UCL)
Gilson Fabian (UNamur)
Roekhaut Sophie (UCL)
Schobbens Pierre-Yves (UNamur)