Governance and representation

President of the Institute

Fanny Meunier

President of the Council of the Institute

Andrea Catellani

Research clusters

Communication Research Cluster (PCOM)

Head: Damien Renard

Linguistics Research Cluster (PLIN)

Head: Kristel Van Goethem

The members of the ILC Board and Council for the current year

The Council is the Institute’s decision-making body. It meets at least once a year, and in any event

  •  in May-June: to draw up the annual activity report for the previous calendar year;
  •  in December: to determine the budget for the coming calendar year and to draw up the list of members.

The Institute’s executive body is the “Bureau”. It meets at least six times yearly to manage the life of the Institute in terms of research projects, human resources, budget and communication (internal and external).

The election of representatives is governed by the internal regulations of the various bodies.

Representatives on the current ILC Council

Chair : Andrea Catellani
Academics : all
Scientific :

  • Staff: Inès Kalaï, Julie Van de Vyver, Louis Escouflaire, Mélanie Mottin, Isabelle Godefridi, Louise-Amélie Cougnon, Caroline Robbeets, Stéphanie Pécher, Pauline Jadoulle, Yuliya Samafalova, Alice T’Kint   
  • Substitutes: Laureline Marc, Margaux Guyot 


  •  Ludwig Marion, Laurence Mundschau, Hubert Naets, Sébastien Nahon

Administrative Coordination: Laurence Mundschau

Members of the current ILC Board

Chair: Fanny Meunier


  • Pierre Fastrez (PCOM)
  • Magali Paquot (PLIN) - substitute: Kristel Van Goethem

Research Clusters:

  • Damien Renard (PCOM)
  • Kristel Van Goethem (PLIN) - substitute: Thomas François


  • Sébastien Nahon (MIIL representative)
  • Patrick Watrin (CENTAL representative)


  • Staff: Pauline Jadoulle (PLIN) and Yuliya Samafalova (PCOM)
  • Substitute scientists: Alice T'Kint (PCOM)

Secretariat: Sarah Schumiliver

Administrative Coordination: Laurence Mundschau

ILC Administration