Our current X-ray diffraction instrument consists of a Rigaku UltraX 18S rotating anode generator Mo radiation and image plate detectors. 

Both available ports are in use, with on one side a Xenocs Fox3D focussing mirror leading to a MAR345 image plate and on the other side a MAR300 image plate with graphite monocromated radiation.

The setup allows experiments on single crystals as well as on powder samples mounted in capillaries.

A oxford Cryosystem is available for low temperature measurements as well as a heat blower for high temperature conditions.

RIGAKU UltraX 18S  generator
- Mo (0.71073Å) rotating anode

MAR image plate detectors
- MAR345:  345mm diameter detector

- MAR300: 300mm diameter detector

Oxford Cryostream
- accurate temperature
- 80 - 400 K range
- Programmable (allows temperature dependent measurements)