Our unit is an academic facility, which provides technical and scientific assistance to all NMR activities of the
Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences (IMCN). 
The service is also open to all UCLouvain members, as well as external academic and industrial users.
This facility aims to support a large range of chemical sciences research across the institute and university including synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, biochemistry, catalysis and materials science. At present, NMR Platform includes three liquid-state FT NMR spectrometers. Briefed users have access to all spectrometers at which they can run experiments autonomously in an automatic service mode. Non-routine NMR measurements are performed by NMR staff on the 500 MHz spectrometer. NMR analyses for external research institutes or industrial users are likewise handled. For any questions about access and pricing, please contact the NMR staff. 
Our services consist of the following expertise:
  • Structural characterization of chemicals, from small molecules to supramolecular systems.

  • Implementation of 1D and 2D multinuclear NMR experimental techniques included Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy (DOSY) sequences.

  • Understanding reaction mechanisms, even by preparing and analyzing complex reaction media (including very sensitive organometallic mixtures) directly in NMR tubes.

  • Support for data acquisition, processing and interpretation.