Flavio ABREU ARAUJO: chargé de recherche FNRS


Spintronics meets Neuromophics 

The synchronization of spintronic nano-oscillators opens up entirely new perspectives for the realization of brain-inspired or neuromorphic nano-systems capable to perform cognitive tasks, such as pattern classification or voice (Jacob Torrejon, Mathieu Riou, Flavio Abreu Araujo et al., Nature 547, 428-431, 2017) and image recognition. The goal is to exploit the nonlinear properties of coupled spin-torque nano-oscillators to quickly and efficiently perform cognitive tasks currently slowed down considerably when they turn on conventional computers in addition to being inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

The challenge of the FNRS research project is to extend this framework to spintronic nano-oscillator networks of large size by using magnetic nanowire arrays made inside nanoporous alumina templates. The experimental work is coupled to numerical simulations to understand and control the dynamics of spintronic oscillator networks.

Published on October 02, 2018