BSMA Louvain-La-Neuve


In order to favour communication and knowledge spreading among the members of the Bio and Soft Matter research division, seminars will be organised monthly.
The objectives of these seminars are:

  • to allow all the members of the research division to be aware of the running projects in the different groups of BSMA,
  • to share information concerning the various techniques (synthesis, processing, characterisation, modelling) developed and used in BSMA,
  • to stimulate discussion and seeding of new ideas and collaborations,
  • to train Ph.D. students and post-doc to give clear presentations in English.

Practically, the BSMA seminars will be organised every 4th week of the month, alternatively on
Tuesday or on Thursday, at 1:00 pm. They will consist in two short presentations (15 min) given by two researchers of two different groups. The program of the seminars will be established for the whole academic year and will be posted on the BSMA web site.

The seminars will also be announced ten days before using the BSMA posting board.
The attendance to the BSMA seminars is highly recommended (mandatory). No group seminars are organised the same week than the BSMA seminars.
Here are a few guidelines for the persons giving the seminars:

  • The presentation should last approximately 15 minutes. This means that you should prepare approximately 15 slides.
  • It should be given in English in order to be accessible to all the researchers.
  • Since non-specialists will be present, the presentation should clearly put forward the context of the project, its objectives, the main experimental techniques used; ideally at least half of the presentation should be devoted to these points.

The BSMA seminars will take place at Aud. SUD 17 from 01:00 to 02:00 pm

Tuesday 27th November: Antony Fernandes • Miriam Khodeir


Thursday 20th December: Wanlin Xu • Loïc Germain


Tuesday 22nd January: Paul Rouster • Atul Kumar Sharma


Thursday 28th February: Matthieu Lemaitre • Tristan da Câmara


Tuesday 19th March: Mirasbek Kuterbekov • Éléana Somville


Thursday 25th April: Anitha Ajith Kumar • Aurélien vander Straeten