BSMA Louvain-La-Neuve


In order to favour communication and knowledge spreading among the members of the Bio and Soft Matter research division, seminars will be organised regularly.
The objectives of these seminars are:

  • to allow all the members of the research division to be aware of the running projects in the different groups of BSMA
  • to share information concerning the various techniques (synthesis, processing, characterisation, modelling) developed and used in BSMA
  • to stimulate discussion and seeding of new ideas and collaborations
  • to train Ph.D. students and post-doc to give clear presentations in English 


Here are the dates of the seminars for the academic year 2020-2021.

They will take place from 1:00 till 2:00 pm (on-line or in an auditoire Sud). 

  • Tuesday 26th January:      Imane Nekkaa - Laurence Hawke
  • Thursday 25th February:  Clément Coutouly - Cedrik Ngnintedem
  • Tuesday 30th March:         Vincent Delmez - Lu Bai
  • Thursday 29th April:           Qian Qin - Simone Sbrescia