IMCN thesis defence - Jean-Boris NSHIMYUMUREMYI


June 06, 2019

04:00 pm


LAVO 51 - Place L. Pasteur 1 - LAVOISIER building


« Methodologies Towards the Total Synthesis of Polycavernoside A»

Polycavernoside A is a secondary metabolite first isolated from the red algae Polycavernosa tsudai in 1991. This macrocyclic lactone was found to be responsible for severe food intoxication, often leading to death. However, due to its scarcity, its biological properties are yet poorly understood. Our group has been interested in the total synthesis of this natural compound for a few years, leading to the development of several methodologies. Our approach towards this interesting target involves a 4 fragment disconnection. Therefore, short and efficient synthetic pathways to these key sub-units have been developed and coupling reactions based on Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons olefination are investigated to access our target in a straightforward manner

Membres du jury :
Prof. Michael Singleton (UCLouvain), promoteur
Prof. Sophie Hermans (UCLouvain), co-promoteur
Prof. Alexandre Drouin (Bishop’s University, Canada), co-promoteur
Prof. Yann Garcia (UCLouvain), président
Prof. Raphaël Robiette (UCLouvain), secrétaire
Prof. Johan Winne (Universiteit Gent, Belgique)
Prof. Louis Barriault (University of Ottawa, Canada)