IMCN seminars - 2016-2017


23 June 2017
Prof. Bernold HASENKNOPF, Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Univ. Paris 6 (France), will present a seminar entitled :
"Applications for functionalized polyoxometalates"

14 June 2017
Prof. Susanne SIEBENTRITT, University of Luxembourg - Laboratory for photovoltaics, will present a seminar entitled :
"Thin film solar cells - defects and efficiencies".

5 May 2017
Prof. Antonino LICCIARDELLO, University of Catania (Sicile), will present a seminar entitled :
" ToF-SIMS: a tool for materials science and nanotechnology "

21 April 2017
Prof. Michel HERMAN, Faculté des Sciences - UCL (Bruxelles - Belgium), will present a seminar entitled :
"High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy : Trends and Tales".

27 March 2017
Prof. Ari M.P. KOSKINEN, Department of Chemistry and Materials Science - Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering (Finland), will present a seminar entitled : "Beyond Organic Synthesis".

21 February 2017
Prof. Tatjana PARAC-VOGT, KULeuven - Department of Chemistry, will present a seminar entitled :
"Metal-oxo clusters as artificial enzymes".

19 December 2016
Dr. Raphaël JANOT (Laboratory of Reactivity and Chemistry of Solids (LRCS), CNRS - University of Picardie Jules Verne - Amiens - France)
"Materials for hydrogen storage: an overview"

1 December 2016
Prof. Ovidiu ERSEN (Institut de Physique et Cimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg - France).
"Advanced TEM techniques : 3D and operando views of the materials at the nanoscale".

1 December 2016
Prof. Benoit P. PICHON (Institut de Physique et Cimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg - France).
"Design and Assembly Strategies of Magnetic Nanoparticules".

23 November 2016
Prof. Emmanuel PAUTHE (Université de Cergy Pontoise, Maison Internationale de la Recherche - Laboratoire ERRMECe - France)
"Proactive biomaterials: biomimetic interfacial properties and advanced delivery systems"

17 October 2016
Dr. Steven A. LOPEZ (Harvard University - Cambridge USA).
"Identification of Next-Generation Materials for Organic Solar Cells via a Collaborative Theory-Experimental approach".

23 September 2016
Prof. Pascale CHENEVIER (SyMMES, PHELIQS, INAC, CEA Grenoble - France)
"Novel Silicon nanowires mass synthesis"

15 September 2016
Dr. Jeff KENVIN (Micrometirics - USA) - WORKSHOP
"An Overview of porosity and area".