Former Team Members


PhD Students




Fady Nahra


PhD (Class of 2013)





Thomas Hermant


PhD (Class of 2012)





Peter Hensenne


PhD (Class of 2011)






Isabelle Bergiers


PhD (Class of 2010)





Dominique Lambin


PhD (Class of 2010)





Alexandre Welle


PhD (Class of 2009)





Julia Deschamp


PhD (Class of 2008)





Nicolas Vriamont


PhD (Class of 2007)





Naouël Mostefaï


PhD (Class of 2007)





Olivier Chuzel


PhD (Class of 2006)





James Courmarcel


PhD (Class of 2004)



Post-docs and Undergraduates




Yohan Macé


Post-doc (2011-2013)







Géraldine Henroteaux


Undergraduate (Class of 2010)





Olivier Schicke


Post-doc (2008-2011)





Jérôme Hannedouche


Post-doc (2004-2006)



Trainees and technical staff





Hélène Breton


Lab technician (2011 - 2013)





Nathalie Mager


Master 1 trainee (2011)




Nicolas Vandelaer


Lab technician (2008 - 2011)