In situ and operando study


Setup of an « operando » catalytic system, allowing simultaneous evaluation of the catalytic performance of solids and their physico-chemical characterization by several spectroscopy methods (particularly Raman, UV-Vis). The setup will then be used to study the catalytic behaviour (activation, reaction, deactivation) of oxidation and metathesis olefin catalysts at work, HAP, etc...

Characterization of the catalysts is performed in situ (inside the reactor) or operando (under working conditions). It consists in coupling in situ characterization with realistic simultaneous measurements of the catalytic activity. Hereby, structure-activity relationships can be established.
The first investigation carried out with this system concerned the behaviour of molybdate catalysts at work under the conditions of the oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of propane. Promising catalysts for this process are transition metal molybdates.