We have worked with different industrial and academic partners. We offer services in the field of :

Solid State Screening and characterization

- Polymorphic screen, co-crystal screen, salt-screen of food and drug products.

- Identification of novel forms for improved process control (hygroscopicity, flowability, melting temperature, ...

- Full thermal and structural characterization  of novel forms.

Crystallization process development

- Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects, Robust process development, process control, ...

- Primarily focus on food and drug products.


Some industrial partners we worked with:

Galactic, Euroscreen, Aevigenomics, UCB, Multitell, CRAW, ...

Academic partners we worked with:

UNamur, ULg, University of StrathClyde (UK), CINAM (Fr), MIT (USA), BAM (De), ...