Thursday 12th, September 2019

12h30 - 13h45 Registration
13h45 - 14h00 Opening Ceremony - Prof. R.R. Crichton (UCLouvain)
  Chairman : Professor R.Robiette (UCLouvain)
14h00 - 14h45 Prof. John Sigurd Svendsen (The Arctic University of Norway) : "Unexpected chemistry provides unexpected protein kinase inhibitors"
14h45 - 15h30 Prof. Donald Craig (Imperial College London) : "Enantiospecific synthesis of 5- and 6-membered nitrogen heterocycles"
15h30 - 16h00 Coffee break
16h00 - 16h45 Prof. Janine Cossy (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielle de la ville de Paris) : "Synthesis of complex molecules and development of methods"
16h45 - 17h30 Prof. Varinder Aggarwal (University of Bristol) : "Assembly Line Synthesis"
17h30 - 18h15 Prof. Ben Feringa (University of Groningen), Nobel Prize of Chemistry 2016: "From Molecules to Dynamic Molecular Systems"

Friday 13th, September 2019

  Chairman : Prof. Jean-François Gohy (UCLouvain)
09h00 - 09h45 Prof. Anita Maguire (University College Cork) : "Recent advances in enantioselective catalysis"
09h45 - 10h30 Prof. Annemieke Madder (UGhent) :"Design and synthesis of complex biomolecular constructs for diagnostic devices"
10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break
11h00 - 11h45 Prof. Dieter Schinzer (University of Magdeburg) : "Chemistry and Biology of Sorangicins"
11h45 - 12h30 Prof. Pierre De Clercq (UGhent): "August Kekulé: Beyond the Snake Dream"
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch
  Chairman : Prof. M. Singleton (UCLouvain)
14h00 - 14h45 Prof. Steven Nolan (UGhent) :"Synthetic Access to Metal-NHC complexes for Catalysis"
14h45 - 15h30 Dr Trevor Laird (Trevor Laird Associates) : "Scaling up Organic Chemistry to kg and Tonne Scale; what goes wrong!!"
15h30 - 16h15 Coffee Break
16h15 - 17h00 Prof. Ari Koskinen (Aalto University) : "Total synthesis of Natural Products as a Driver for Development of New Methods"
17h00 - 17h30 Closing ceremony - Prof. A. Koskinen
18h00 Reception
19h00 Barbecue