MOCS 2017

Merck - Main Sponsor

Welcome to the 21st Merck Organic Chemistry Symposium

December 7-8, 2017

Dear Colleague,

We are happy to confirm that Merck has accepted to sponsor the 21st edition of the two-day meeting that each year brings together the Belgian organic chemists community, both from university and industry. As you know, these days are especially important for our PhD and postdoctoral students who appreciate the opportunity to present their research work, as short lectures or as posters, and to meet with fellow students from other groups. It is also a unique opportunity to foster contacts with industrial colleagues and to share varied views of our science.

The 21st Merck Organic Chemistry Symposium will take place at the Duinse Polders in Blankenberge, on Thursday 7th (start: 9:45) and Friday 8th of December 2017 (end: 16:00). The program will include plenary lectures, a series of 30-min lectures presented by experienced PhD or postdoctoral students of our different research institutions, and a poster session.

Confirmed plenary lectures include :

  • Prof. Lionel Delaude (Université de Liège, Belgium), "Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Stable Zwitterions Derived from N-Heterocyclic Carbenes."
  • Prof. Stephen Hashmi (Heidelberg University Germany), “Gold Catalysis: Opening Short Cuts for Synthesis.
  • Prof. Johan Winne (Ghent University, Belgium),  "Traveling terpenoid space with heterocyclic cations and a small excursion into a novel class of organic materials."
  • Prof. Jef De Brabander (Texas University, USA), "A Targeted Chemical Approach Towards Understanding and Exploiting Colon Cancer Disease Biology: From Discovery to Pre-Clinical Efficacy"
  • Dr. Bruno Lelong, (Sigma Aldrich), "Merck an innovative and Production Company in Chemistry"

On Thursday evening there will be a special lecture entitled “Function through synthesis-informed design: leads for an HIV/AIDS cure, treating Alzheimer’s and cancer immunotherapy.” delivered by Prof. Paul Wender (Stanford University, USA).

This will then be followed by a dinner in the style of  the "Belle Epoque"!

Thus, we invite everyone to dress up in this style. A prize for the most original/creative/funny outfit will be awarded at the end of the symposium by Sigma-Aldrich!

To enhance the interactions between the Belgian academic and industrial communities, and in particular to facilitate the contacts and discussions between post-doctoral fellows and PhD students and organic chemists from various companies, flash discussions will be organized on Thursday afternoon during the poster session.

These discussions have proven to be a quite unique opportunity and several students even found a job thanks to the contacts they had during these discussions. Each registered participant of the SAS meeting will have the opportunity to volunteer for an informal 15-minute discussion with a representative of different companies.

To do so, it is mandatory to register online to the flash interviews and send your CV to In the form, you will have to choose 3 favorite companies. We will try our best to respect your first choice for the flash interview. The CVs will be sent in advance to the company. Participating industrial companies for the flash interviews include – in alphabetical order: CMAST, Dow, Ecosynth, Galapagos, Janssen, Minakem, Omnichem, PolyPeptide and UCB.

All participants should register via this website before November 20th. All active contributors to the scientific part (lecture or poster) should also send a one-page abstract (abstract template with guidelines is enclosed) before the same date to . All registered participants will receive the final program by the end of November.


Organizing Committee: Tom Van Cauteren, Britt De Pelsmaeker and Abbas Koiak (Sigma-Aldrich), Erik Van der Eycken and coworkers (KU Leuven).

Scientific Committee: De Clercq P. (UGent), Madder A. (UGent), Maes B. (UAntwerpen), Verniest G. (VUB), Vincent S. (UNamur), Van der Eycken E. (KU Leuven), Evano G. (ULB).

Previous Aldrich Meetings: 2016 (Evano G., ULB), 2015 (Verniest G., VUB), 2014 (Vincent S., FUNDP), 2013 (Madder A., Ugent), 2012 (Maes B., UAntwerpen), 2011 (Tourwé D., VUB), 2010 (Markó I.E.; UCL), 2009 (Madder A.; UGent), 2008 (Vincent S.; FUNDP), 2007 (Tourwé D., VUB), 2006 (Markó I.E., UCL), 2005 (Madder A., UGent), 2004 (Krief A., FUNDP), 2003 (Tourwé D., VUB); 2002 (Markó I. E., UCL); 2001 (De Clercq P., UGent), 2000 (Krief A., FUNDP), 1999 (Markó I. E., UCL); 1998 (Tourwé D.,VUB), 1997 (De Clercq P., UGent).