Scientific events


You are cordially invited to participate in our scientific activities.  Some of them are announced on the Institute web page. 

Our seminars usually take place on Friday at 10.45 am 
(room A016, Boltzmann building, Croix du Sud 1). 

2016     Contact : Valentin SMEETS  010 47 36 51
 March 11 William BOYOM  Title to be determined
 March 18  Ramesh SREERANGAPPA  Title to be determined
 March 25  Ludivine van den BIGGELAAR  Biocatalytic transaminations in continuous flow
 April 15 Josefine SCHNEE Understanding the behavior of heteropolyacids in the gas phase dehydration of methanol through operando Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy
 April 21 Master students  
 April 22 Master students  
 April 29 Valentin SMEETS  Mastering hydrophilic/hydrophobic interactions in the preparation of new bi-inorganic hybrid catalysts - toward greener epoxidation processes
 May 6 Nathalie MAGER Synthesis of water-soluble clusters for their use in aqueous applications
 May 13  Chiara PEZZOTTA Title to be determined
  Palraj KASINATHAN Title to be determined
 May 20 Ph.D. DAY  
 May 27 Anna BRISOU  Innovative heterogeneous catalysts synthesized by NHSG designed for biobased compounds conversion
 June 3 Chiara PEZZOTTA  Title to be determined
 June 10 Eliana MANANGON  Modification of the hydrophobic character of titania-silica mixed oxides catalysts to improve the performance in epoxidation reaction in liquid phase
 June 17    
 June 24