Study of interaction processes of helium and H- with ultrashort electromagnetic pulses.


UCL Promotor : Bernard Piraux

UCL Collaborators :  Aliou Hamido, Abdouraman

External collaborations : Henri Bachaux (CELIA,U. Bordeaux), Robin Shakeshaft (USC, Los Angeles), Peter Lambropoulos (U. Crete), Fabrice Catoire (CELIA, U. Bordeaux)

The interaction of helium and H-with ultrashort electromagnetic pulses allows to study the electron dynamics on very short time scales and to understand the role of electron correlations in the mechanisms of single and double ionization of two-electron systems by XUV fields. Sequential and non sequential processes are analysed in detail by means of the new time-dependent approaches that are under development in our group.  We use the hyperspherical coordinates and a spectral method involving Tchebychev polynomials and Sturmian functions to describe the wavefunction.