Insulator-to-Metallic Spin-Filtering in 2D-Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Based on Hexagonal Boron Nitride


Recently, in collaboration with the CNRS - Thales-group (France) and the University of Cambridge (UK), we report on the integration of atomically thin 2D insulating hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) tunnel barriers into magnetic tunnel junctions (2D-MTJs) by fabricating two illustrative systems (Co/h-BN/Co and Co/h-BN/Fe) and by discussing h-BN potential for metallic spin filtering.

Spin-transport measurements reveal tunnel magneto-resistances in these h-BN-based MTJs as high as 12% for Co/h-BN/h-BN/Co and 50% for Co/h-BN/Fe. The spin polarizations of h-BN/Co and h-BN/Fe interfaces extracted from experimental spin signals in light of spin filtering at hybrid chemisorbed/physisorbed h-BN were analyzed with support of ab initio calculations, illustrating the strong potential of 2D materials for large signal spin devices.

Reference :
Insulator-to-metallic spin-filtering in 2D-magnetic tunnel junctions based on hexagonal boron nitride
M. Piquemal-banci, R. Galceran, F. Godel, S. Caneva, M.B. Martin, R.S. Weatherup, P.R. Kidambi, K. Bouzehouane, S. Xavier, A. Anane, F. Petroff, A. Fert, S.M.-M. Dubois, J.-C. Charlier, J. Robertson, S. Hofmann, B. Dlubak, and P. Seneor
ACS Nano 12, 4712-4718 (2018) – [doi: 10.1021/acsnano.8b01354]


Published on September 12, 2018