Videoclips Session


MORNING SESSION - 11:30-12:20


  1. AYDOGAN Akin
    Accessing Photoredox Transformations with an Iron(III) Photosensitizer using 530 nm Green Irradiation
  2. BAI Lu
    Phosphorus-containing Polymers for Non-flammable Solid-state Electrolytes
  3. BOUROTTE Jérémie
    Synthesis and application of foldaxanes
  4. DE LA TORRE MIRANDA, Nathalie
    Functionalized active carbon for recovering gold thiosulfate : towards a greener way to recuperate gold from minerals
    Development of new synthetic strategies exploiting an unexpected rearrangement of vinylcyclopropane
  6. FU Yang
    Tuning active sites of non-noble metal catalysts for glucose hydrogenation
  7. GÁMEZ Sebastián
    Elucidating oxidative cleavage mechanism of oleic acid oxidative with carbon black-polydopamine-Ru composites
  8. GROSSO Simone
    New copper-catalyzed reactions with carbon monoxide
  9. HANNECART Céline
    Tube-based modelling of non-linear elongational viscosity of entangled and unentangled monodisperse linear polystyrene melts
  10. KUETE Martial Aime
    Friendly environmental unsaturated polyesters from glycolyzed PET oligomers modified by bio-sourced anhydride
  11. LAN, Junjie
    Design, synthesis and evaluation of compound with anti-tumor metabolic activity
  12. LENG Fucheng
    Urea as a cocrystal former – study of 3 urea based pharmaceutical cocrystals
  13. LI Yanzhao
    Controlling the dynamics of metallo-supramolecular polymers by combining metal-ligand crosslinks of different lifetime
  14. LIU Cuilian
    Non-covalent interactions for directing self-assembly of supramolecular architectures towards nanocontainers
  15. LOUPPE Véronique
    Ammonia Borane Derivative complexes for hydrogen storage
  16. LYONS Rowanne
    Synthesis and dynamics of double networks based on metal-ligand crosslinks and imine-aldehyde exchange  




  1. MARGHEM, Gilles
    New synthetic pathway to furan derivatives
  2. MARION Raphaël
    Photodetachment of C- in the ground state
    Green synthesis of Iron doped Cobalt oxide nanoparticles using palm kernel oil and their structural characterization
  4. NOTREDAME Benoît
    Novel solid polymer electrolytes for solid-state batteries
  5. OULMIDI Afaf
    A new series of coordination complexes constructed by CC and CN pincer N-heterocyclic ligands
  6. QIN Qian
    Grafted sequenced oligomers for recognition and self-assembly  
  7. SAVARY Jérôme
    Synthesis of Natural Product: Amphidinolide K
  8. SBRESCIA Simone
    Morphological origins of temperature and rate dependent mechanical properties of model soft thermoplastic elastomers   
  9. STEENHAUT Timothy
    Metal and ligand doping in highly porous Metal-Organic Frameworks
  10. SUN Li
    A colorimetric sensor for the highly selective, ultra-sensitive and rapid detection of volatile organic compounds and hazardous gases
  11. VRANCKX Cédric
    Protein-polyelectrolyte complexe: a versatile building block for the surface immobilization of proteins
  12. WANG Jian
    Conversion of metal borohydrides in reactions with BH3 and CO2  
  13. YANG Hui
    Dynamic Hydrogels Based on the Orthogonal Combination of Reversible C=N Bonds and Metal-Terpyridine Coordination Bonds
  14. ZHANG Ting
    Design, Synthesis and Hydrogen Storage Properties of Aluminium Amidoborane Complexes
  15. ZHANG Xiaozhe
    Strong Anion Pairing at the Origin of Unusual Solvation Structure and Enhanced Battery Low Temperature Performances in Dual-salt Electrolytes
  16. ZHOU Fuli
    Simultaneous resolution of two racemates