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The seminar section provides a brief description of the aim of the different seminars and the programme for the current academic year.

The scientific events section presents forthcomming conferences and workshops organized by IRES members.


Events of the Month


June 8-9, 2017
Migration and Conflict

UCLouvain Economics Seminar

June 15, 2017
Murat Iyigun (University of Colorado - Boulder)
Why Wait ? A Century of  Education, Marriage Timing and Gender Roles

Marco Lunch

June 6, 2017
Annalisa Frigo (IRES)
“Now she is Martha, then she is Mary”: the influence of Beguinages on attitudes toward women

June 13th, 2017
Geert Goeyvaerts & Sven Damen (KUL)
Improve, move or wait under the same une 20throof. A dynamic model with underwater mortgages

June 20th, 2017
Federico Curci (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Flight from urban blight: crime and suburbanization in the U.S. (with Federico Masera)

June 27th, 2017
Arnaud Herault (Université d’Angers)
Occupational choices and network effects: Evidence from France