Forthcoming Seminars and Workshops

14:30 / Statistics Seminars

Johannes Lederer, Bochum University

Tuning Parameters in Brain Imaging Abstract: Regularization is essential for analyzing the large and complex data that are generated in economics, neuroscience, astronomy, and many other...
14:30 / Applied statistics workshops

Frédéric Thys, SAS

Atelier SAS Visual Analytics     Par Frédéric Thys, Analytical Consultant, SAS SAS Visual Analytics est une solution permettant d’explorer et exploiter...
14:30 / Applied statistics workshops

Anne-Sophie Lambert, IRES, UCL, IMMAQ

Evaluation de projets pilotes : entre défis scientifiques et recommandations utiles pour les politiques Résumé: La Belgique, comme de nombreux pays industrialisés, va devoir faire...
16:00 / Applied statistics workshops

Joris Mestdagh, SPF Public Health

Statistical Techniques in Nursing Related Models Abstract: In order to finance the nurses in hospitals, we create so-called NRGs or Nursing Related Groups. These NRG’s are clusters of...