Seminars and thesis defenses



February 22, 2019


Euler seminar room



First insight in the development of a new healable Al alloy processed by additive manufacturing

By Julie Gheysen (iMMC / IMAP)

Aluminum alloys are widely used in plenty of applications such as aerospace, automotive and construction industries because of their unbeatable strength to weight ratios. In these uses, material fracture can lead to safety disasters and even affect people’s life. This is why my thesis is aiming to heal them in order to increase their lifetime and prevent their catastrophic failure.
The most advanced man-made self healing materials are polymers. They are composed of encapsulated healing agents which are released when a crack propagates, leading to the crack closure.
In the work of Mariia, a new healable aluminum alloy was processed by FSP. The drawback of this process is that 16 passes are needed to finely dispersed the healing agent in the alloy, hindering its industrial application. For that reason, the aim of my PhD is to use additive manufacturing of powder mixture to finely disperse healing particles in the aluminum matrix. After a low temperature heat treatment, these healing particles will close the present cracks.