Seminars and thesis defenses



March 29, 2019


Euler seminar room



A microCT-based approach for biomechanical characterization of biodegradable metallic intravascular stents

By Lisa Leyssens (iMMC / MEED)

Intravascular stents are biocompatible, expandable tube-like materials that are applied for opening up narrowed arteries. So far, they have mostly been produced from non-degradable metals because of their high mechanical properties, but there is more and more interest in biodegradable metallic stents. The goal of my PhD is to develop a highly detailed, advanced characterization platform to assess different properties of biodegradable metallic intravascular stents using 3D microfocus X-ray computed tomography (microCT). I am first optimizing different microCT-based characterization techniques such as 3D surface roughness measurement, contrast-enhanced microCT, and 4D microCT. I will then apply them to improve the understanding of the effect of a change in the alloy composition on the structural and functional behavior of the stents. The stent properties that will be quantified in vitro and in vivo include stent morphology, corrosion behavior, surface roughness, tissue ingrowth, and mechanical properties.