Seminars and thesis defenses



April 26, 2019


Stevin, b.044



Interface Controlled Super Tough Crystal/Amorphous Hybrid nanolaminate Coatings

By Hui Wang (iMMC / IMAP)

Nowadays, nanolaminates have gained many attentions due to their attractive and unique properties such as ultra-high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, and remarkable radiation tolerance. The interface of the nanolaminates plays an important role in this process. The exact deformation mechanism of the amorphous/crystalline hybrid nanolaminates is not fully resolved and the exact effect of the crystalline/ amorphous interfaces(ACIs) is still unclear. For this reason, the goal of my Ph.D. is to study the effect of ACIs in order to elucidate the fundamental deformation and fracture mechanisms taking place in hybrid nanolaminates coatings towards the development of the system with superior toughness in terms of strength/ductility product.