Seminars and thesis defenses



October 17, 2019


SUD 09



Institute seminar: Measurement of small scale mechanical properties – From instrumented nano-indentation to micro-pillar compression.

By Guillaume Kermouche (Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne)

The development of small-scale mechanical properties measurements took place in the 1980s, mainly through the pioneering development in instrumented (nano)indentation testing. For the first time, reliable hardness data were obtained at the sub-microscale. Today this technique appears as a standard to measure the mechanical behaviour of thin coatings, surface layers or to evidence size effects in materials. However, the interpretation of nanoindentation data is always a matter of discussion and there is still nowadays intense experimental and computational developments in this field. In the first part of this talk, we will focus on the reasons that might explain the success story of nanoindentation testing. Theoretical and practical aspects will be discussed to highlight what can be expected from this type of tests. Various applications on different materials - from glasses to metals- will be presented. New trends and new challenges in nanoindentation will be developed. In the second part of the talk, we will discuss on how nanoindentation gave birth to other kind of nanomechanical tests. Indeed, developments in Ion Beam Machining or Reactive Ion Etching in the 15 past years made possible to machine micro-specimens that can be loaded using a nanoindentation set-up. We will particularly focus on the principle of micro-pillar compression and will present some recent applications.

As usual for an Institute seminar, we will first listen to 5 - 6 PhD students presenting in 3 minutes the subject of their research