The battle between the doing and the being by Sara Chergaoui


June 23, 2023



Place Sainte Barbe, auditorium BARB03

This seminar begins with a presentation on membrane science and technology, the membrane community, and current challenges. Particular attention will be given to the role of membranes in antisolvent crystallization. This represents the doing of a scientist: moving science forwards. The second part, is an open discussion on the being, or the human aspect of a scientist. How far are we connected with the research we pursue? We strive to live in harmony with nature or the eco-system, does our research align with that? Are we connected to societal needs? In our institute, I observed a great deal of mindfulness, so the discussion is simply an exchange perceptions and advise.

Speaker: Sara Chergaoui is a Ph.D. candidate with prof. Patricia Luis, investigating a new strategy to antisolvent crystallization using porous membranes.


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