A giant step in whole timber construction with our partner iMAXpro



This video shows the design process and the construction of a 10m x 5 m reciprocal structure composed of tree truncs. The project is based on a link between Grasshopper software and an ABB Robotical arm.

This work has been performed during the end master thesis of Justin Goose at the UCLOUVAIN/Belgium, under the supervision of prof. Pierre Latteur and Julien Geno and thanks to a collaboration with Belgian company iMAXpro. The work was made possible thanks to a funding from the SPW Wallonie. Have collaborated to the project : Julien Geno (UCLouvain), Justin Goosse (UClouvain), Pierre Latteur (UCLouvain), Jean-Michel Melloni (iMAXpro), Cédric Moutschen (iMAXpro), Patrick Moutschen (iMAXpro),


Music : Smoke and bone by Savfk

Published on September 14, 2020