Seminar Prof. Stefania Lo Feudo: Video-based vibration measurements

Prof. Stefania Lo Feudo, from ISAE-Supméca (Paris), is visiting UCLouvain. On Tuesday January 24 Prof. Lo Feudo will give the research seminar described below.


Vibration analysis is of primary importance for mechanical systems and structures in order to determine their behavior under operating conditions or following exceptional events. Therefore, conducting experimental studies of vibrations on mechanical, aeronautical, or civil structures is an essential step in design and monitoring processes. To this end, in addition to standard measuring sensors such as piezoelectric accelerometers, laser motion sensors, and laser vibrometers, high-speed camera appear to be promising because of their ability to contactless record large scenes at very high speeds, even thousands of frames per second.

This seminar will present research progress achieved by the VAST-FM team of the Quartz laboratory (France). The studies presented will focus on the use of techniques of feature detection to track motion of discrete targets, on the 3D reconstruction of a vibratory field, and on the utilization of a camera network for the vibration measurement of large-scale structures.

Short Bio

Stefania Lo Feudo received the M.S. in Building Engineering and Architecture from the University of Calabria (Italy) in 2012. In 2016 she obtained the Ph.D. in Materials and Structural Engineering at University of Calabria, her doctoral thesis is entitled “Modeling of edge debonding in beams strengthened with composite material”. During her Ph.D, she spent one academic year as visiting PhD student at the École nationale des ponts et chaussées (France). Then, she spent a year and a half as post-doctoral researcher (2016-2017) at the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées ParisTech (France). In 2017, she started to work at ISAE Supméca (France) as Lecturer. From 2018, she is “Maître de conferences” (Assistant Professor) in the Vibro-acoustics, Structures and Mechanical Shapes team of the Quartz Laboratory at ISAE Supméca.

In her research activities, she is interested in the numerical and experimental analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of structures, with a focus on the use of nonlinear devices for the reduction of structural vibration. She is also interested in the development and implementation of experimental techniques for vibration measurement based on image and video analysis. Currently, she is involved in collaborative national and international research projects.

In connection with her research interests, her teaching activities encompass the fields of the dynamics of rigid bodies, the linear and nonlinear vibration and the video analysis applied to the monitoring of mechanical systems.

Published on January 20, 2023