PhD Students

Fernando Saraiva Rocha da Silva
has completed a double-degree program obtaining simultaneously a Master's degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the Université catholique de Louvain and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering at the Universidade de São Paulo in 2020. He is currently working on a PhD thesis, which started in February 2020, under the supervision of Prof. Proost at UCLouvain. His thesis is about electrolytic hydrogen production. The research is focused on different ways of intensifying hydrogen production, such as the use of 3-D electrodes, forced electrolytic flow, and pulsed power.

Senior scientists / postdoctoral researchers

Renaud Delmelle
I studied materials science engineering at UCL. I graduated in 2008, after which I went on with a Ph.D. on thin film metal hydrides. Then in 2013, I moved to Empa in Switzerland as a postdoc, where I studied various hydrogen-related technologies during 3 years (storage, detection, permeation, power-to-gas). I continued as a research assistant at ZHAW in Winterthur, where I focused my research on the catalyzed hydrogenation of carbon dioxide for 4 years. I am now back in Belgium, developing electrolysis at IMAP.