Technical keypoints



One of the main goal of a laboratory making mechanical tests is to produce and maintain a high level of know-how in instrumentation. The « Laboratoire Essais Mécaniques, Structures et Génie Civil LEMSC » (Mechanical Testing, Structures and Civil Engineering Laboratory) tries as far as possible to follow the numerous current technical developments in instrumentation. Several technical keypoints of our lab can be highlighted:

  • High knowledge in strain gauges technics,
  • Proficiency in the use of accelerometers, displacement transducers, load cells, temperature sensors, …
  • Validation of the measurements by internal calibration,
  • Experience in tools and setups developments,
  • In high temperature and cryogenic tests,
  • Regular use of measurements by cameras and DIC technics
  • Mastery of the electronics of a large part of the equipment (home-made!)
  • Development and integration of our own electronics cards for sensors signal conditioning and instrumentation,
  • Possibility to develop data acquisition applications, statics and dynamics modules,

For more information, please contact Catherine Doneux