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PhD and Post-doc researchers under my supervision:

Traction2020, Ecoptine
Virginie Kluyskens

The aim of the project "TRACTION 2020 - Development of a high efficiency and high reliability railway traction" is the reduction of the consumption of electrical energy in railway traction. The hope is to improve by about 5% the efficiency of the traction chain, while also keeping in mind criteria like reliability, price and life cycle cost. In this context, our research concerns more specifically two components of the traction chain: (i) the electric motor converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy: a synchronous reluctance motor and (ii) the magnetic gear inserted between the motor and the axle of the boogie. Our objective is to propose the optimal electromagnetic design for these two components.

The aim of the project "ECOPTINE - Energy aCcumulation for Optimization of electrical Traction INfrastructure Efficiency" is to ensure an optimal (and renewable) source of energy for rail traction, thus allowing a gain in terms of cost and performance. It aims to design an energy accumulation and storage solution (via a flywheel) as well as a system for connection to the energy distribution network. In this context our research concerns the passive magnetic bearing system of the flywheel.

Development of self-bearing machines with hybrid magnetic suspension and PCB windings for cutting-edge applications
Joachim Van Verdeghem

The aim of this project is to propose and validate the first self-bearing electric machine that requires no sensors, power electronics and control specifically dedicated to the rotor magnetic levitation while operating both at low and high speeds.

Comparison of slotted and slotless PM machines
Nicolas Verbeek


Study of slotless homopolar hybrid active magnetic bearings
Guillaume Colinet

Active magnetic bearings (AMB) generate a contact-free guiding of a rotor by actively controlling the current flowing in a winding. Compared with other bearings, AMB have the advantages to create very low friction as well as to operate without lubrication and mechanical wear.
Among the various topologies of AMB, the one under study allows to theoretically remove the iron losses in the rotor which makes
it attractive for applications in the vacuum or at very high-speed.

Nouvelles topologies et stratégies de commande de machines autoportantes à suspension électrodynamique
Adrien Robert

A fully passively bearingless motor using electrodynamic suspension have been developped by Joachim Van Verdegheme and Bruno Dehez. During my master thesis, I modeled the behaviour of the machine using ferromagnetic materials which add variation of the inductances coefficients. These materials should increase the perfomances of the motor, and add new possibilities of control. My thesis aims to find the best way to add these ferromagnetic materials in the design of the motor and take advantage of these new control possibilities to improve the machines performances.

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Dehez, Bruno; François, Guillaume. Impact of slit configuration on eddy current and supply current losses in PCB winding of slotless PM machines. In: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 1, no.1, p. 1-1 (2022). doi:10.1109/TIA.2022.3179253.

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Conference Papers

1. De Gréef, Christophe; Kluyskens, Virginie; Dehez, Bruno. Impact of Flux Barrier Shape and Design Strategy in Synchronous Reluctance Machine Optimisation. 2022 xxx.

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Book Chapters

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